One more armadillo saga:

Linda Belleu, of Gonzales, says, “Growing up in the middle of rice fields in Thornwell (in Jefferson Davis Parish), we really loved all the wildlife around, and even made pets of some.

“When my cousin and his very young wife moved next to us to work at the rice dryer, she was afraid to stay alone when he worked nights. So my mother sent me to stay with her.

“The first night before we went to sleep a very loud, hard thump hit the small wooden house.

“Of course I was sent outside to see what happened. A large armadillo lay on the ground near the house. It looked dead, with only a little blood in the face area.

“With almost no roads and no traffic, the poor thing may have committed suicide.”

That’s show biz!

Tom Cagley says, “I laughed out loud at the Angola Rodeo headline that said the rodeo was the ‘Wildest Show in the South.’ It was obviously written by someone who, in a fixation on the rodeo’s attraction and scope, has not paid much attention to the political arena here, both current and past.”

That’s also show biz!

Ronnie Hotz, of Lafayette, says, “Your Saturday column article about producer/choreographer/lyricist/director Miss Olga Hotz of Destrehan High fame reminded me that as a second grader I was cast in one of her productions as a young Mexican standing at the front corner of the stage, leaning against a large clay pot, with a sombrero on, costume made from crepe paper.

It was my chance to be discovered! The curtain opened, and I got my first glimpse of a packed house. The shock factor overwhelmed me. That’s when I made a great scientific discovery. Crepe paper, when wet, works faster than shrink wrap!

“I think I got a standing ovation.”

Hands-on healing

Sidney Vallon, of Baton Rouge, says, “A co-worker years ago stated that her kids really didn’t mind getting shots from their doctor’s nurse because she always ‘masseuses your buttericks’ afterward.”

Slip of the tongue

“About 30 years ago,” says Joe Cooper, “I was leaving the docks at Burnside Terminal headed to Gonzales for lunch. I tuned into WWL radio for the noon news, and there was a live broadcast of a funeral Mass for some high roller in New Orleans. The WWL commentator said, ‘Now the urology will be given by…’

“If I’m lying I’m dying!”

Sans teeth

“My family is originally from Indianapolis,” says Marie England, “but my brother married a Tennessee gal and they have resided in her home state for many years.

“Being thoroughly appreciative of ‘local color’ in the small town where they live, he described a conversation with a toothless man telling him about his son’s new job — ‘He moved to ToddyOtty Ping ToddyOtty.’

“Eventually, my brother was delighted to find out that the man’s son had gotten a job in Colorado Springs, Colorado.”

Hitting the hedges

Marshall Ann Bourgeois says when Jerry Price, “an old Tiger living in Las Vegas,” recalled “well” the hedges in Tiger Stadium (in the Sept. 29 column), she figured he had good reason to remember them:

“He played end for Baton Rouge High during the Claude Harrison-Oscar Bozeman era. In 1942 (I think) the Baton Rouge High-Istrouma game was played in LSU’s stadium.

“If my memory serves me well, Jerry fell into the middle of those hedges as he made a spectacular catch, as Baton Rouge High won the game.”

Highway hero

Nell Mitchell Doughty, of Lafayette, says, “I was traveling in my car at 8 a.m. over the Atchafalaya Basin bridge to work at the LSU Textile & Costume Museum pre-sale. A large piece of metal flew from a truck and hit the side of my car — sounded like my whole right fender was torn off. Shortly, my back right tire went flat. I was stranded on the side of the highway.

“I called roadside assistance — the towing truck from Denham Springs would take about three hours to get there. Luckily, wonderful and nice State Trooper Jake Patin came along and changed my tire. He was so kind and polite, too — really made my day.”

Upping the ante

Molly Davies says, “When shopping for a four-bedroom home for our family, our children overheard our conversation with friends who purchased a nice, large home that was a foreclosure.

“Our young son wanted to have a playroom in our new home, so he asked that we pray and ask the Lord for a ‘fiveclosure!’”

How Granny drives

Shirley Fleniken passes along this story:

“One day while driving with my 8-year-old granddaughter, I beeped the horn by mistake. She turned and looked at me for an explanation.

“I said, ‘I did that by accident.’

“She replied, ‘I know that ... ’cause you didn’t say YOU JERK afterwards!’”

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