It’s probably not nice to laugh at obituaries, but Richard Crane, of Mandeville, says our recent mention of them reminds him that “obits often reveal interesting info about the deceased. And, written under pressure, obits can sometimes contain some funny lines as well.”

He gives these examples, gleaned from past obituaries:

“Buddy did not like to be late or anyone else for that matter.”

“A Nashville native, Rufus was born August 6, 1930 to his late parents, Sara and Joe.”

“He graduated from law school in 1948 and was a member of the State Bar until his death. He then practiced law for a short time in Winnfield, Louisiana.”

Creative recycling

Mary Vernoy, of Metairie, says, “Tom Pyburn’s Wednesday story about the ‘antiques made daily’ reminds me of a store we passed in the 1950s on a trip from California to Louisiana.

“The large sign in front proudly proclaimed ‘We Buy Junk. We Sell Antiques.’”

Grecian formula

With the troubled economy of Greece such a hot topic in financial news, this report from Robert Hebert seems especially timely:

“Several years ago my wife and I took a cruise out of Venice with our son and his family.

“One of our stops was Greece. Once in port we hired a driver to take us to Mount Olympus.

“He was both competent and chatty.

“During the drive I engaged him in conversation on the subject of the Greek economy, already a basket case then as it is now.

“Since entering the European Union in 1981, Greece has used the organization as its personal piggy bank to mount ever-increasing deficits.

“Not in the least bit chagrined, our driver said something that summed up the situation as perhaps only an insider can.

“He said, ‘We Greeks are good at spending money; not so good at making it!’

“You won’t find a better explanation in any modern textbook!”

Oh say, can you sing?

Harley Bennett comments on our Wednesday story about a rare occasion when the crowd sang the National Anthem:

“Years ago, the fans in the stands sang the National Anthem. Then somebody got the idea that a celebrity should sing it.

“That was OK at first, because we all sang along. But nowadays, the celebrities can’t read music.

“Now we can’t sing along, because we never know where they’re going to go with it.”

I’ll pay! I’ll pay!

Noted deejay Winston Day adds to our comments on earworms, those songs that get stuck in your head:

“Next Saturday begins the semi-annual fundraiser of those wonderful community jewels: pubic radio stations WBRH and KBRH.

“Mike ‘Beachball’ Russell will be a guest on my regular 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. show.

“If you give us a plug, we promise NOT to play ‘My Boy Lollipop.’

“For a contribution, we’ll even refrain from playing two others that are terrible to have stuck in one’s head: ‘Peanuts’ by Little Joe and the Thrillers or ‘The Birds and the Bees’ by Jewel Akens!”

Dirty trick, Winston. The check’s in the mail...

Love story

“Nana” wonders who “put out the ‘sweetheart love signs’ on the bus stops on Perkins Road, from College to Bluebonnet.

“The signs appeared Valentine’s Day, and are still up. I sure hope everyone enjoyed them!”

Thank-you notes

Ronald Atwood says, “I would like to thank the person who left a new U.S. flag on my front porch. I fly the flag every day, and it seems to please the neighborhood.”

Worthy causes

Dahn Savell says Heirloom Cuisine and The Pediatric Clinic are selling seafood pasta dinners Friday at Audubon Cafe in St. Francisville to benefit Sadie Aitken, “a local 6-year-old with an undiagnosed illness that she has had since October.” Call the clinic at (225) 635-9065.

Special People Dept.

Sarah Carpenter Corkern celebrates her 92nd birthday on Thursday, Feb. 26.

Silent treatment

Carrol Jordan, “The Generic Cajun,” comments on our recent seminar about how Cajuns use their hands in conversation:

“One very cold morning Boudreaux and Gautreaux were walking in to work, hands in the pockets of their jackets.

“Boudreaux says, ‘Hey, Gautreaux, are you sick?’

“Gautreaux says, ‘No, why?’

“‘You haven’t said a word all morning. What’s the matter?’

“‘I left my gloves in the truck.’”

Inquiring Minds Dept.

Ernie Gremillion tells about the young lady in college (he mentions her hair color, but that doesn’t seem relevant to me) who was taking a science quiz.

One of the questions was, “You are in a vacuum and there is a loud explosion outside. Would you be able to hear the explosion?”

She raised her hand and asked the professor, “Is the vacuum running?”

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