Tonya Harding was there. So were the three billboards — you know, the ones outside Ebbing, Missouri.

And, of course, you can't throw a Hollywood-esque party without one or 10 Kardashians showing up.

Security was tight on the night of the Academy Awards in Baton Rouge when Laurie Aronson, Lauren Eglin and Marcia Sanchez hosted their 10th Oscars gathering. 

Working the red carpet, Chad Bell and Brian Smith didn't let just anyone into the Aronson home, where the hostesses where dressed in gold à la Oscar himself.

“We added security about five parties ago,” says Sanchez.

“Their job is to give guests a hard time about getting in,” added Aronson, laughing.

Actor Billy Slaughter, who’s returned to his native Louisiana to film “The Highway Men” with Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson, probably had the easiest time sliding behind the velvet rope.

Then he got to mingle with the “celebrities.” About 10 Tonya Hardings skated in, some with Nancy Kerrigan or mom LaVonna Harding in tow. And the Kardashian girls were out in force.

The menu was Oscar-centric with “Dunkirk” desserts, “Lady Bird” chicken, fish Oscar, “Mudbound” meatballs, “I, Tonya am a cheeseball,” Streep Sandwiches, “Darkest Hour” dip, “The Post” popcorn, Frances McDormand movie candy and “Phantom Thread” fruits. The celebs sipped on Daniel Day Lewis liquors and “The Shape of Water and other soft drinks.”

“Every dish we serve coincides with that year’s nominated movies and actors,” says Eglin.

Things weren't always so over-the-Oscars-top for this party, which started when Aronson moved back home after graduating from Emory University. She and former U-High classmate Sanchez decided to get together and watch the Oscars. The next year they invited U-High alum Eglin. The guest list just kept growing.

“Our first official party was in 2004,” says Aronson. “We haven’t done it every year because sometimes Mardi Gras gets in the way, but this is the 10th time we’ve hosted the party.”

“One year, Shannon McKernan came in a ballgown, and we thought that was so funny,” says Sanchez. “She was the inspiration for us to start dressing up.”

“What started out as ballgowns has now turned into costumes, complete with hair and makeup,” continues Aronson. “Some guests even come together as part of a team.”

The “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" team of Susie and Renée Furr, Candace Kouns, Jennifer McGehee and Karen Spencer won this year’s Best Team award.

Jennifer Ward earned a Best Individual award for her Tonya and Ann McCanless also took individual honors for her portrayal of Kris Jenner.

The Lifetime Achievement award went to Mary Jane Scala, who came as one of the Kardashian sisters.

The costumes aren’t the only things these party-goers take seriously. Most are die-hard Oscar fans.

“We have a watching room and a chatting room,” explains Sanchez with a chuckle. “We’re real serious about things.”

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