Slow-cooked Honey Mustard Cornish Hens _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Slow-cooked Honey Mustard Cornish Hens are a good choice for Sunday dinner.

The Sunday dinner tradition serves multigenerational families well. Friends who are fortunate enough to have their extended families nearby tell me it is a valuable way to ensure they stay close and connected in today’s busy world.

Even if the tradition has moved to a restaurant after church services, it’s still a valuable connection.

If, however, your dinner is around a family dining table, the recipes are most likely family traditions. For some, like my neighbor, Jill Lee, the Sunday dinner has been the glue that bound together several generations of her family.

It has left her with comforting memories of both her own mother and grandmother. Her now college-aged sons will also have memories of their grandmother from those Sunday meals, she said.

Cornish hens are good family dinner choices, even if your family is a small one like ours. You can easily fit up to four hens in a slow cooker, whether it’s the 4-quart or larger size. You don’t even have to wait for Sunday.

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