“Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” was the theme for Le Krewe Mystique de la Capitale’s 39th Mardi Gras Ball on Jan. 31 at the Crowne Plaza. Reigning over the festivities were King “Will the Thrill” Clark, former first baseman for the San Francisco Giants, and his goddaughter, Queen Ashton Lane, daughter of Lisa and Eric Lane. Rhonda Brouillette Cassano served as ball captain for the evening’s celebration.

Pages to the royal court were Rebekah Amoroso, daughter of Hannah and Samuel Amoroso; the king’s niece, Lillian Frances Clark, daughter of Brandi and Scott Clark; Jacob Michael Duplechain, son of Claire and Michael Duplechain; Aubrey Fabre, daughter of Amber and David Fabre; and Olivia Ann Hebert, daughter of Sierra Michelle Teeket and Craig Hebert.

Members of the krewe’s 2015 debutante coterie were Bethany Suzanne Acosta, daughter of Susie and Kyle Acosta; Rowan Edaire Baird, daughter of Rhonda and William Baird; Mallory Renée Borel, daughter of Lisa and Neil Borel; Alison Elizabeth Dazzio, daughter of Alison and Warren Dazzio; Kaci Marie Favaro, daughter of Queen Mystique VI Dana Guitreau Favaro and husband Anthony; Raegan MacKenzie Gallegos, daughter of Debra Ann and Mark Gallegos; Julia Rose LeGrande, daughter of Rosana and John LeGrande; Cayley Elizabeth Leblanc, daughter of Shelly and Scott Leblanc; Claire Elise Palmer, daughter of Lori and Edward Palmer; Caroline Smith, daughter of Terri and Dennis Smith; Haley Nicole Sylvester, daughter of Amy and James Sylvester; and Cameron Small, daughter of Elizabeth and Warren Rogers.

The tableau began with the introduction of the 2014 royalty and debs. They included Ball Captain Bonnie Minchew, King Troy Philip Guidry, Queen Megan Rena Kennedy and returning debutantes Tara René Brian, Mary Ruth Corwin, Sally Crick, Anna Catherine Devall, Madeline Drago, Gabrielle Ferrara, Margaret Gardner, Caroline Handy, Mackenzie Harrison, Katherine Langlois, Carley Peré and Kayla Watson.

The tableau wrapped up with the entry of the colored-uniform Mystique Lieutenants Rudy Landry, Mike Henry, Gary Gitner, Jay McGee, Tim Porch, Henry Peré, Jim Kaiser, Bob Cook, Rick Bourgeois, Rick Breedlove, Tony Pittman and Peter Kelle; and the Tuxedo Lieutenants Jim Champagne, Doug Lee, David Jumper, Ronald Brouillette, Dave Huet, Bill Ragsdale and Tommy Davis.

Emcee for the evening was WBRZ’s Chris Nakamoto. Grand Marshall was Whitney Vann, former “2une-In” co-anchor and current host/producer of “Weekends with Whitney.” Choreographer and coordinator for the tableau was Kris Cangelosi, director of Cangelosi Dance Project. Special effects and technology were provided by Bob Blanchard.

Music for dancing was by the band Stormy.

Serving on the 2014-15 Mystique Board of Management are David Jumper, president; Peré, vice president, Jim Kaiser, treasurer; Rick Bourgeois, secretary; Kris Cangelosi, honors chairwoman and publicity, Carolyn Pittman, ball chairwoman; Tommy Davis, parade; Sally Hirschheim; Sheila Yellott; David Huet; Robin Kennedy; Bill Ragsdale; Connie Wagner; and Sheila Porch.