Boho style relies on oversize pieces in breezy fabrics.

Bohemian or boho style has been around for a while, but, if you've never tried it, you might be a little hesitant.

But that's true of a first try at anything. When it comes to this super comfortable, easy-to-wear style, the rewards can really pay off.

There are three essential characteristics for putting together a boho look:

1. Oversize

Forget tight dresses and form-fitting blouses. The boho look is all about loose silhouettes and breezy fabrics, blouses with touches of lace or tassels. But don't go big with all of your pieces. Make sure to mix oversize items with fitted ones. This keeps the look from having a sloppy vibe. 

2. Layers

To master the boho look, you need to learn how to layer. But don't overdo it. When layering, the eye should be drawn to the face first and then the outfit. To ensure your body does not get lost in oversize layers, use a belt or scarf to cinch and define your waist.

3. Accessories

Choosing the right accessory is just as important as the clothing when wearing the boho trend. A few hallmark items in the accessory department include scarves, jackets, necklaces, leather belts, sunglasses, oversize bags and hats. Boho jewelry is bold and big, and oftentimes has a natural feel, with shells, woven threads and wooden beads. For shoes, leather Roman-style sandals work for the summer months and heeled booties for fall. These are two options that create a pulled-together look.

The beauty of the boho trend is that one can dabble with a simple oversize blouse or fully commit in a head-to-toe look. 

McKenna Bass Trahan is a mother, teacher and blogger. Check out her fashion favorites at