Fresh Ideas: Zucchini Relish a twist on classic treat _lowres

Photo by Helana Brigman -- Tart and sweet Zucchini Relish is a fresh take on classic cucumber relish.

One of my favorite family recipes is a surprising take on a classic American condiment — homemade relish made not with cucumbers, but zucchinis instead.

Zucchini Relish is tart and sweet like the relish you buy in the store, but is made extra special by its heavy blend of sugar, vinegar and fresh zucchini. Zucchini has a mild flavor, which makes it a great pickling substitute that absorbs spices easily.

The next time you grill, try Zucchini Relish over hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers. Zucchini Relish complements meats beautifully and can be used as a garnish to grilled chicken and pork chops.

Making a sandwich, but short on pickles? Try a dollop of Zucchini Relish for a fresher and more vibrant take on your classic turkey sandwich.

Craving a sweet and salty midday snack? Or, looking for an easy appetizer? Dig into Zucchini Relish with salty tortilla chips as a substitute to sweet green salsa.

And, if you’re new to canning, checkout the U.S. Department of Home Agriculture’s Canning Guide online.

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