Sylvia Wahoske, of Zachary, recalls her first Mardi Gras parade:

“Our family moved to Baton Rouge in the summer of 1998. I am originally from Montana and my husband is from Minnesota.

“My in-laws from Minnesota stopped for a short visit in January of 1999 on their way down to Florida.

“We remembered a Mardi Gras parade, Krewe of Mutts, listed in the paper with time and location but no other details.

“Excitedly we packed our lawn chairs to sit on to watch the long parade of extravagant floats.

“To this day we chuckle about the parade being a long string of owners and their dogs with backpacks and red wagons loaded with beads.

“Even though it was not what we expected, we really laughed, enjoyed it and talked about entering our dogs in it someday.” She reminds us that the Mystic Krewe of Mutts parade is at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday.

The glory that was grease

“Paw T” says, “Just ate hot tamales at a Baton Rouge restaurant. They were OK. but a little on the dry side.

“Muffoletto’s tamales used to be dripping in grease. I would go there with a container to put the tamales in, and they would be good and soaked with grease when I got home with them.

“Seems like one of our Mexican restaurants could get the old Muffoletto’s recipe so we could enjoy them again.”

Creative greetings

Billy Gibson comments on the suggestion by a physician that we use the elbow touch, salute or smiley face as a greeting to avoid handshakes during flu season:

“I must respectfully disagree with your endorsement of the elbow touch as an alternative to the traditional handshake.

“Since we’ve been taught to sneeze and cough into our shirt sleeves, the elbow just might be a worse breeding ground for nasty bugs than the hands.

“The salute is too formal and the air kiss is too prissy.

“Since it’s Mardi Gras season, perhaps we could greet each other with the ‘adult beverage curl’ gesture or the ‘throw me something, mister’ hand motion.

“Or maybe we should simply stick with the smiley face. Just promise not to start charging royalty fees.”


“Bearded Friend” says President Obama’s inauguration reminded him of this:

“Radio historians recall with delight the legendary announcer Harry von Zell calling the president ‘Hoobert Heever.’”

Which ranks right up there with another great radio blooper, the ‘21-sun galoot.’”

Firing line

Speaking of salutes, Gary E. Penton says “only presidents or other heads of state get a 21-gun salute at their funeral.

“Starting at 21 for a president, others get fewer on a declining rank order. Most military persons get three volleys, no matter how many persons are in the detail.”

Happy Monday

Cecil Richardson and wife Doris thank St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis:

“Our daughter’s 3-year-old son, Reid Kiger, was diagnosed last year with a very rare eye cancer, resulting in the loss of his left eye.

“He has been under the care of St. Jude, with many trips to Memphis. Our Lady of the Lake has administered several chemo treatments here.

“It has been a long and difficult year for Amy, her husband

Lance and 11-year-old son Wyatt.

“Just wanted to let everyone know that Monday was ‘NO MO CHEMO DAY’ for Reid.”

Cecil says Reid will go back to St. Jude in February for the final steps in his treatment.

He and Doris say, “If you have a few dollars extra, send some to St. Jude.”

Special People Dept.

  • Lula W. Randolph, of Greenwell Springs, celebrates her 102nd birthday Sunday.
  • J.D. Wells, a State-Times retiree, celebrates his 90th birthday Saturday.
  • James Ken and Hythen McQuiston Hodges celebrate 68 years of marriage Sunday.
  • Herman and Mary Faye Kralemann, of Central, celebrated their 55th anniversary Thursday.

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer: “Life is too short to drink the house wine!”

Elementary geometry

George Lane’s question about why round pizzas come in square boxes drew two responses, neither of them helpful:

Marvin Verbois, of The Villages, Fla., says George “might also wonder why a boxing ring is square.”

And Billy Gardner, of Ethel, says the question reminded him of the quote by Brother Dave Gardner disputing the “Pi r squared” formula: “Pie r round; cornbread are square!’”

Win-win situation

Ray Schell, of Prairieville, says, “When our daughter and grandkids came to visit recently, the oldest grandchild, Isaac, told my wife Shirley as she answered the door, ‘Mimi, this is my favorite place to visit. You like to spoil us and I like to be spoiled.’ ”

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