“Many families have been seriously affected by the recent storms and flooding in several states including Louisiana. I am thankful that there are organizations that assist with restoration of homes, belongings and counseling to those who have suffered loss of loved ones. In many cases though, some of the unfortunate victims of natural disasters are animals. I remember seeing disturbing images of recovery of lost and forgotten animals after Hurricane Katrina and I hope that more organizations will get involved in taking care of pets and wildlife following natural disasters. I hope to be in a position to do my part in this effort in the near future.”

Age: 19

School: Graduated from The Brighton School and will attend Baton Rouge Community College in the fall with a planned major in wildlife and fisheries.

Parents: Dewey and Stephanie Desselle


Book:”Game Warden: On Patrol in Louisiana”

Music: Country, Jason Aldean

Movie: “True Grit”

TV show: “Modern Family”

Hangout: His hunting lease and Royal Purple Raceway

Role model: His parents and Jesus. “My mom and dad have instilled godly values and are the best role models I know. My mom is an educator and we have been together at the same school since third grade. Dad and I have hunted together since I was very young. He even made me study and read during some of our hunting trips for which I am very grateful.”

Extra: Desselle was salutatorian of his high school class. “My experiences at The Brighton School have been filled with fun memories. Many of my classmates have been together since eighth grade. We have shared a multitude of emotions; cried together, rejoiced together, celebrated together, and laughed a lot. Some of my favorites include The Renaissance Festival, College Fair, Spanish field trip, Senior Retreat, Field Day, tailgating at The Bengal Bash and the senior dance. The memories we made together are ours to cherish. Thanks friends for the memories and kind words of encouragement.”