From now until the first of the year, schedules will be more hectic. The excitement of games on Friday and Saturday nights is talked about all week. A big part of the planning must center around company and meals, and the more that can be done ahead, the better.

I like the planning and the decorating, but that has to carry through until the last are fed and out of the door. At least make breakfast easy by having something ready to pop into the oven. After a long day at the stadium or ball field, you don’t want to think of getting up to fry eggs and bacon for house guests. Instead, plan on having your coffee, then cut up some fruit while an already-made casserole bakes in the oven.

I had just started collecting recipes for this column when I overheard someone thanking Ashley Lucas for the breakfast casserole she had left in their refrigerator. That was welcomed on Sunday morning after having a bunch of friends over to watch the first LSU game the night before. I liked Lucas’ idea of remembering the hostess.

A breakfast casserole doesn’t have to be eggs. French Toast Casserole, with maple syrup in it, was a big hit with my family. For feeding fewer people, make a quiche, but prep everything the night before, such as prebaking the crust, if the recipe calls for that, and having all ingredients already chopped or sautéed. The next morning, all you do is whip in the egg mixture and pop it in the oven.

Carol Peltier makes a breakfast casserole with link sausage. I’ve included the recipe, but there is no photo. Some of these casseroles will serve eight to 10 people. If you don’t need that much, divide it in two and share the other half with a neighbor or friend.

I like to serve a mixture of fresh fruit with these casseroles.

So if anyone is asking, “What’s for breakfast?” just say it’s in the fridge.