Michael Shaffer, of Kennesaw State University, spoke about his book, "In Memory of Self and Comrades," at the Jan. 17 meeting of the Baton Rouge Civil War Round Table.

The book is based on the extraordinary written accounts of the Civil War by Cpl. Thomas Wallace Colley, a member of the 1st Virginia Cavalry, which fought in many of the war’s major battles from first Manassas-Bull Run to the defense of Petersburg. Shaffer said Colley was wounded three times, the third resulting in amputation of his left foot. He mustered out of active service before the war’s conclusion.

Colley’s family archived his personal letters, war-time dairies and detailed post-war accounts of battles and war-time life. These materials constitute one of the most detailed accounts of the Civil War from common soldier’s point of view and were the source of reference material for Shaffer’s book.