The more than 2,000 homes of the Shenandoah Estates subdivision look a little more patriotic lately, thanks to two organizations that serve the large neighborhood.

Since June 1, volunteers have been distributing American flags to each Shenandoah home, planning to make sure every house has one by Saturday, which is Flag Day, said Henry Grace, president of the Shenandoah Estates Homeowners Association.

That group has joined with the Shenandoah Estates Crime and Improvement District to purchase about 2,500 flags, each 12 by 18 inches and attached to a 30-inch stick. Most of the cost of the flags was donated, Grace said.

“I bought a lot of flags so we could have enough,” Grace said. “All we’re trying to show is Shenandoah Estates is just being patriotic.”

More than 50 volunteers have been going through the subdivision, inserting the flagsticks into the ground near residents’ mailboxes. They have been distributing the flags in the late afternoon, and Boy Scouts helped out one weekend.

Tom Hirschey was among a half-dozen volunteers who placed the flags along sections of Wilderness Drive, Hogenville Avenue, Kennesaw Drive and Malvern Hill Avenue on June 5.

One resident who was outside thanked them for the flag.

“They really appreciate it,” Hirschey said. “We had a lady on Bull Run the other day who was on the phone, and she came out and said, ‘Are y’all putting out those flags? … Oh, my God, that does my heart so good.”

This is the second year the two associations have provided the flags, and it’s proved popular, Grace said.

“Some people leave them up all year long,” he said. “There are some streets in Shenandoah that ask for more so they can keep them up all year.”