Claudia Maxson shared this cake and recipe with me many years ago, and it’s always been a favorite. I like it so much I included it in both of my cookbooks.

Maxson’s mother, Loretta Wolfe, owned an Austrian bakery and this was her Austrian Apple Cake recipe.

Like all of their pastry, it is delicious and not overly sweet.

The recipe came with a note that “this makes too much batter for a Bundt pan so use a 10-inch tube pan (example: angel food cake pan).” I make it in a Wilton long loaf pan (16-by-4-by-4½-inch pan) I bought a few years ago. I like it for cakes like this or large pound cakes. It’s easy to slice and I sometimes even slice it down the center for smaller pieces that are easier to handle.

In addition to being delicious, this recipe just calls for four apples and basic ingredients. It’s a real treat.

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