Memorial Day weekend kicks off summer, and the outdoor grilling season that comes with it.

Once that grill is hot, why not put it to use for the whole meal — main dish and all the sides. Heck, grill dessert, too!

I picked up some fresh zucchini and sweet corn at the market this weekend, perfect for grilling with our grass-fed sirloin.

I also was lucky enough to find some fresh local peaches, which are just beginning to show up at the farmers market. They have been selling out in minutes, so if you’re craving homegrown peaches this weekend, you better get to the market early.

There are lots of ways to grill fruits and vegetables. Some techniques start with first steaming them in foil then finishing on the grill. However, you can simply brush them with a little oil and place them directly on the grill. Keep in mind it takes a while for vegetables to grill until tender, so cook those first while the flames are still low and the heat is medium.

You may recall that I am not much of a griller, so my dear husband and resident open-flame expert faced that fire-breathing beast for me.

While it turns out the side dishes have taken over this week’s column, stay tuned for his reverse-seared steak recipe as we will be grilling out a lot more during the long homework-free evenings to come. Happy Memorial Day!

Teresa B. Day is a local food writer and author of the “I Eat BR” blog. You can reach her at