Despite the bevy of fruit, vegetables, proteins, breads, nuts and more to be claimed at the farmers market, some days I’m happiest to return home with some fresh eggs and bacon.

Maybe not always the healthiest of choices, but they do make for some great meals for both breakfast and dinner. And, because they’re fresh from the farm, I also feel pretty good about serving them to my family.

Fresh, thick-cut bacon makes the best breakfast. I usually cook it in a deep cast-iron skillet, turning it over often so it’s evenly browned and slightly crisp. Then, if the little bacon burglars in my house don’t sneak by and steal it, I have some nice salty, crunchy bacon to add to all sorts of dishes.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with bacon jam. I’ve tried a few recipes, but so far this one is perfectly salty and sweet and goes great with sunny-side-up eggs. Experiment with the preserves if you wish; just use what you have on hand.

Besides jam, I like to keep some thick, locally raised bacon around for seasoning beans, crumbling on salads and my soon-to-be summer staple, bacon and tomato sandwiches.

You can get the freshest eggs at the market, too. I’m not picky about the color, but I do like to find a mixture of large and small eggs because I can use exactly what I need.

Breakfast calls for the smaller ones, especially for poaching in avocados, squash or in the middle of toast. I use the larger ones for baking.

Here is a simple recipe for perfectly “yolky” eggs with very little effort. Just adjust the cook time for how you like your eggs.

Don’t forget that your local market has just about everything you need to make a meal, especially basics like these. And don’t be afraid to ask questions about where it all comes from, how the meat is raised, fed and processed. Ask the egg farmer how the chickens are kept and about what they eat.

More information will help you feel more confident in your purchases and help you get to know the farmers at your market.

Teresa B. Day is a local food writer and author of the “I Eat BR” blog. You can reach her at