The staff at Baton Rouge Family Medical Center loves a contest that tests creativity. Since it’s Easter, that could mean only one thing: Peeps.

That sugary marshmallow treat won’t make the dietary advice of any of the center’s physicians, but it brought out the artistic side of the various assistants and technicians.

Displayed on a counter in the hallway near the scale that is everyone’s first stop, the artwork got plenty of attention.

“The patients like it,” says Alicia Beiriger, who manages the office and came up with the idea.

A randomly selected patient got the role of selecting the winner — a disturbingly realistic depiction of a colonoscoPEEP taking place, complete with Peep doctor, Peep assistants and a Peep patient. Summer Phenald, a radiology technician, designed the tableau.

The grand prize, Beiriger says, is “the glory of winning.”

“We’ll probably get her a gift card,” Beiriger says. “She wins every contest we have.”

“But she’s good,” adds Jessie Holmes, a clinic specialist who teamed with medical assistant Brandy Grimmett to put together a Peeps Mardi Gras parade theme.

Theirs was one of the least cynical displays in this Peep show: There was a peeping Peep at the window of a Peep taking a bath; a police lineup featuring foil-wrapped, chocolate bunnies with a Peep (a Peep perp?); and a pickup truck being ticketed by a policeman for having Peep passengers in the truck bed.

This is the first time the office has used Peeps instead of an Easter egg decorating contest. Other seasonal events have included Mardi Gras masks, leprechaun hats, Halloween pumpkins and Christmas doors.

Like the previous contest, this one is strictly for show.

“We’re not going to eat them, I promise,” Beiriger says.