“Greens, a Savor the South cookbook” by Thomas Head, The University of North Carolina Press, $19, 115 pages, hardcover

Reviewer’s rating: Two stars out of five

As a fan of the University of North Carolina Press’s delightful “Savor the South” cookbook series since its first appearance about four years ago, I was happy to see the latest in the planned 24-book collection.

Like the earlier books in the series, “Greens, a Savor the South cookbook,” by Louisiana native Thomas Head celebrates a favorite food of the American South. And like the previous volumes, the little book (each is 8¾ inches by 5½ inches) includes about 50 clearly written recipes but no photographs or nutritional information.

Head says he “aims to demonstrate the versatility of greens” — collard, mustard, turnip, beet, kale and more. The book opens with a history of greens in Southern culture, the nutrition of the cruciferous vegetables, the cultivation of greens, and how to clean and prepare greens for cooking. He even offers a listing of collard festivals.

Recipes are divided into five sections: the basics; appetizers, soups and first courses; sides and salads; main courses; and relishes.

Among them are Everyday Cornbread, Cajun Caldo Verde, Beans and Greens, Dandelion Greens With Garlic and Anchovies, Gumbo z’Herbes, Roast Chicken With Collard and Cornbread Stuffing, and Chowchow. Head’s book features a varied collection of recipes and is perfect for anyone who enjoys trying innovative recipes for greens.

Cheramie Sonnier is a food writer and columnist. Contact her at sonnierfood@gmail.com, and follow her on Twitter, @CheramieSonnier.