From Hap Glaudi to Bobby Hebert, WWL radio keeps finding colorful guys with memorable accents to talk about the Saints.

Ellis Bordelon Jr., of Metairie, comments on one of the most colorful ones, known for his distinctive Yat accent:

“Where is Buddy Diliberto (the greatest sportscaster of the 20th century) when you really need him?

“The Saints have requested a visit from UCLA’s defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa.

“Can you picture Buddy saying this name?”

Check this!


I just wrote the name of that UCLA football player, Owamagbe Odighizuwa, and now the spell check on my computer seems to have stopped working...

Career path

G.L. Dighton says, “After reading T. Med Hogg’s Wednesday story of the little girl taking eggs from his daughter Trudy’s Easter egg basket — perhaps that little girl went into politics and government when grown.

“Seems like someone in government keeps taking eggs out of my basket.”

A star is born

Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, says, “About 40 years ago I was in a group having dinner at a Baton Rouge restaurant when a waiter said to me, ‘You look like a movie star.’

“I said, ‘Who, Clark Gable?’ He said, ‘No, a cowboy.’

“I said, ‘Roy Rogers, or perhaps Gene Autry?’ He said, ‘No, Bob Steele.’

“None of us had a clue, and everyone at the table had a good laugh.

“Well, believe it or not, public television was running old Westerns every Sunday on the New Orleans network, and to my surprise an ad for the Sunday program was a picture of Bob Steele, from the front of the Times-Picayune magazine!

“I had it framed, and it stayed in my office during my entire political career.

“Several constituents looked at the picture and said there was a resemblance. I was probably helping them or their kids with a legal problem when they made the comment!”

Which reminds me

The above-mentioned Bob Steele was my favorite movie cowboy when I was a kid, probably because he was also a short guy.

He made a ton of B westerns, and later in his career was a regular on TV’s “F Troop.”

Admirers of film noir classics will remember him as the evil gangster Canino in “The Big Sleep,” where he caused Humphrey Bogart considerable trouble.

Historic knobs

Our Most Unusual Door Handle Contest, or whatever the heck it’s called, includes doorknobs:

“I’ve got a cool doorknob for you,” says Greg Dole of the Foundation for Historical Louisiana.

“It’s the only original doorknob from the Old Governor’s Mansion that’s still here. It shows our state symbol — the mother pelican and her young.

“All of the other original doorknobs were moved over to the new Governor’s Mansion.”

Ernie Gremillion says, “When New Orleans’ Lakefront Airport opened in 1934, it was known as Shushan Airport after Abe Shushan, president of the Orleans Levee Board and friend of Huey Long. All the doorknobs were adorned by a large stylish S. They have become valued collectors’ items.”

Not only the doorknobs, but doors, counter tops, plumbing fixtures, floor tiles, etc., bore either Shushan’s name or the letter S.

After he was indicted for mail fraud in the 1939 Louisiana Scandals (which saw the governor and the president of LSU go to jail), the name of the airport was changed — but it took a long time for Shushan’s name and initials to be removed from the building.

“Or” not “and”

After a reader suggested applying ammonia or bleach to insect stings, Art Sterling cautioned, “Not at the same time! Ammonia plus bleach equals mustard gas. Very toxic, very dangerous.”

Special People Dept.

Mina Ford celebrates her 96th birthday on Thursday, April 9.

Audrey and Pete Williams celebrate their 60th anniversary on Thursday, April 9.

Buck and Ina Guss Langlois celebrate their 60th anniversary on Thursday, April 9.

Shooting pains

Dianne Christopher, of New Roads, says, “The headline of the lead story on Page 1 of Wednesday’s Metro section declares that ‘Guns deadlier than vehicles in La.’

“I guess so! Did you ever try to run over a duck?”

Willie’s way

Algie Petrere says, “I read with interest the different ‘earworms’ your contributors have experienced.

“The only song that usually gets stuck in my head is ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ at Christmas time.

“However, a few minutes ago I realized that I had been singing Willie Nelson’s ‘I’ve Gotta Get Drunk and I Sure Do Dread It’ over and over. What do you think that means?”

(It means if you’re going out, you should take a cab.)

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