A picture paints a thousand words, or so goes an old song, but think about the number of recipes a picture can create.

Cookbooks, magazines, advertisements or just about anything with food stirs a longing for something tasty. It’s often how some of the best recipes come about. Pictures turn our thoughts to what could be. Maybe you like the food picture as-is, or maybe your thoughts turn to what it could be if only it had your favorite ingredient.

Recently, I turned the page of an old cookbook and saw an appetizer that featured meatballs. Thoughts turned over and around, and before I knew it, the mind turned to a favorite sauce and a new spaghetti and meatballs recipe.

Convenience meatballs are super easy if you are pressed for time. If not, and you love to make your own meatballs, that’s fine, too. Either way, the sauce is pretty easy.

The sour cream gives the sauce a nice flavor, and feel free to use the fat-free version if you prefer. If you are not a fan of red sauce, this might just be the spaghetti and meatball recipe for you.