William E. Kavanaugh, of Jefferson, discusses a New Orleans delicacy:

“The letter about ‘poor boys’ brought a memory to my mind.

“In 1968, I first met my future wife. On our second date, we had gone bowling with some friends of mine. After we finished, we decided to have a bite and root beer at Martin Brothers on St. Claude.

“Now, my future wife came from the Irish Channel, while I came from Treme — two different worlds at that time.

“When I ordered a fried potato sandwich and asked if she would care for one, she said yes, thinking I was joking.

“Well, when they arrived she was surprised and delighted to see I was not joking.

“I guess at that time people in the Channel did not have fried potato sandwiches.

“A few years later, when she was pregnant with our first son, at 2 in the morning she decided she wanted a fried potato poor boy.

“And there I went from our home in Jefferson Parish to get her sandwich.

“That was 46 wonderful years ago.”

Sandwich history

Kavanaugh adds this note, addressing the reader who said the po-boy (poor boy) sandwich was invented to feed hungry dock workers:

“The poor boy started because of the streetcar strike in the early part of the 1900s.

“The muffuletta was made for the longshoremen.”

Urgent call

Val Garon has another story about growing up Cajun:

“Growing up on Bayou Lafourche, 4 miles from Donaldsonville, a friend and neighbor was a boy named Carl.

“Carl’s grandma, a nice old lady called Taunt Lou, lived in a little four-room house. Carl spent most of his time here, and we played and read comic books there together.

“Sometimes we would take our BB guns and walk down to the foot bridge crossing the bayou (the site of the old ‘Four-Mile Ferry,’ if any readers remember).

“When Taunt Lou thought we had been gone long enough, she would call in a loud voice, ‘Carl, time to come home!’

“Carl usually didn’t reply to the first or second call. Only when her voice hit the second harmonic, ‘Carl-eeeeeeeee,’ he would say to me, ‘Let’s go, she’s getting mad now.’ ”

Pop goes the ...

Sarah Stravinska, of Chestnut, says, “I was indulging in one of my favorite activities, falling asleep on the couch at the end of the ‘Late Show,’ when husband Pete calls from the kitchen: ‘What goes “pop” in the night?’

“Hmm. Odd time to be discussing Scottish prayers.

“Fearing ‘long-leggedy beasties’ in my kitchen, I ran in to see … the mess that a neglected pot of hard-boiling eggs can cause!”

Act of kindness

Adele McKinney, of Greenwell Springs, says, “I am grateful to Susan and whoever else puts my paper at my back door each morning. You are a kind and thoughtful neighbor. Thank you so much; it starts my day with a smile.”

Special People Dept.

  • On Tuesday, Therese Marquette Newchurch, of Paincourtville, celebrates her 99th birthday.
  • Paul Cire Bajon, of Bajon’s Pharmacy in White Castle, celebrated his 95th birthday on Monday . He started working at the pharmacy in 1926, when his father owned the store.

    Arthur Arceneaux, of Harahan, celebrates his 91st birthday on Tuesday . He was a pilot in World War II.

    Marguerite Oubre celebrates her 90th birthday on Tuesday .

    Myrtle Virginia Crowe Nobles, of Denham Springs, celebrated her 90th birthday on Saturday . She is a former Bogalusa resident.

    Ray Murry, of Iuka, Mississippi, a former resident of Port Allen, celebrates his 90th birthday on Tuesday . He is a World War II Navy veteran.

    On Friday, F.C. and Sylvia Felterman, of Patterson, celebrated their 65th anniversary.

    Carole and Earl Corkern, of Hammond, celebrated 62 years of marriage on Saturday .

    On Sunday, Huey and Eloise Dufrene celebrated their 57th anniversary.

Inquiring Minds Dept.

L.P. Miller asks, “If I smoke those tobacco-less cigarettes, can I get electronic cancer?”

Population explosion

“This is an emergency!” says Algie Petrere.

“I just read that somewhere in the world, a woman is having a baby every 12 seconds.

“We’ve got to find her and stop her!”

No job for you!

Dan Burkhalter, the Carencro Curmudgeon, came across these excerpts from actual ré sumé s of people seeking employment:

  • “Need multiple bathroom breaks each hour.”
  • “Experience: Have not yet been abducted by aliens.”
  • “Objective: I would like to work for a company that is very lax when it comes to tardiness.”

Dan asks, “Do you see unemployment checks in their future?”

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