Tom Toddy’s story illustrates the benefits of being old enough to have no particular place to go in the morning:

“My grandfather and grandmother had four children. My grandfather instructed any family member arising early in the morning to stop by his room and wake him up.

“He said he loved the feeling of falling back to sleep.”

Well, which is it?

Ralph Drouin says, “Recently 8-year-old grandson Caiden called to ‘interview’ me with questions about my childhood for his school homework.

“He asked about my favorite toy, etc., and then asked me if I had a pet.

“I said I had a bird dog named Joe.

“After several seconds of silence, he said, ‘Well, was it a bird or a dog?’

“I explained that it was a dog that would hunt for birds with me when I went quail hunting.

“Daughter Melissa said I should have seen the look on his face when he was trying to figure out how to draw a ‘bird-dog.’”

Perfect record

Russ Wise, of LaPlace, says, “When my son was a freshman at Loyola I bought a T-shirt that I still proudly wear today, even though he has graduated and moved on.

“On the front it says ‘Loyola Football.’ On the back it reads, ‘Undefeated since 1929!’

“That’s my kind of attitude.”

He’s to blame!

Patrick Howard, of Zachary, adds to our “all you can eat” story file:

“I went to the Western Sizzlin’ Steak House on the Airline a few years back and ordered the steak and all-you-can-eat shrimp.

“After finishing off my steak and baked potato, I started on the shrimp with gusto.

“Forty-eight shrimp tails later, I was finally satisfied.

“A few days later I noticed that they had raised the price of that all-you-can-eat meal.

“I don’t know for sure, but I might have been responsible for that.

“I apologize to all who followed after me for this.”

Stingy with shrimp

This restaurant story is from Bonnie Perrin, of Gretna:

“After Hurricane Katrina, my husband and I traveled to Beaumont, Texas.

“We ate a local restaurant and ordered shrimp.

“They asked how many we wanted — they served by the number, not by the plate.”

There’s the rub

Roy Pitchford, of Monroe, responds to the Tulane fan who objected to LSU “rubbing it in” when they went for a two-point conversion for points 61 and 62 in a 62-0 win over the Green Wave:

Roy, a former sports writer, says, “On the previous extra-point try, the place kicker and holder had swapped places, and the kick was no good.

“But when it comes to ‘rubbing it in,’ I think Tulane’s bumper stickers that said ‘Culture 48, Agriculture 7’ (after a win over LSU) certainly meet the definition.”

Looking for stuff

Jean Byers says the Baker Heritage Museum, 1606 Main St., needs 50 to 60 small to medium-sized pumpkins for the annual Fall Fun Paint Your Punkin Party on Saturday, Oct. 25, from 10 a.m. to noon. Call (225) 774-1776.

Special People Dept.

Francie L. Green Germany, of Plaquemine, celebrated her 99th birthday on Friday, Oct. 10. She is a native of Point Pleasant.

Betty Breaux celebrates her 92nd birthday on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Gloria Mayeaux Benandi celebrated her 90th birthday on Saturday, Oct. 11. She grew up in Hessmer, and was secretary at Woodlawn and Promised Land schools in Braithwaite. After Hurricane Katrina, she moved to Metairie.

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, John and Elaine DeLatin celebrate their 65th anniversary.

Russell T. and Florence Shorr “Bonnie” Hebert, of New Orleans, celebrated 64 years of marriage on Thursday, Oct. 9.

Bill and Marion Vaughn celebrate their 61st anniversary on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

James and Dane Hawkins, of Dutchtown, celebrate 59 years of marriage on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Bruno “Butch” and Eula Ruggiero, of Donaldsonville, celebrated their 57th anniversary on Sunday, Oct. 12.

Thought for the Day

From Harriet St. Amant:

“I feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs.

“They have to pick up their own food if they drop it on the floor.”

Well done, please

Richard Sherlock says, “Back when my brother first started teaching music as the band director at a high school, the band went on its first spring bus trip to Disney World in Florida.

“At a lunch stop at a mom-and-pop café in Pascagoula, Mississippi, one student was pondering the chicken choices, and saw the ‘half fried chicken’ choice.

“She stopped the waitress and said, ‘I don’t want any chicken half cooked!’

“After the explanation by the waitress, we all had a good laugh.”

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