Farewell Phil. Bye-bye Si. See ya Sadie. "Duck Dynasty" has flown the TV coop.

The hourlong series finale of A&E's West Monroe-set reality show aired Wednesday night following the network's all-day "Duck" marathon and the prolific Robertson family's afternoon Facebook Live appearance in which they answered fans' questions.

Wednesday morning, the network tweeted: "Sometimes you just have to quack to keep from crying. After 5 years and 11 seasons, the final episode of #DuckDynasty airs tonight."

The series about the Robertsons and their Duck Commander duck call and decoy empire was a ratings powerhouse for A&E in its heyday, spawning a line of merchandise, renewing the popularity of woolly facial hair, and making celebrities of patriarch Phil Robertson and his quirky, mostly bearded, clan, including Phil's malapropism-plagued brother Si, who often stole the show.  

The show was as much about the family's daily life as it was about ducks, and showcased the Robertsons' down-home, conservative, Christian views.

A December 2013 interview with GQ magazine turned controversial when Phil Robertson made remarks interpreted as anti-gay and racist. The network suspended him indefinitely, the show continued, and, after fan pressure, A&E reinstated him nine days later.   

Because the show was filmed in Louisiana, it was eligible for the state's lucrative film tax credit program.

The Advocate reported last year that a review of Louisiana Economic Development records shows that, if the credits were cashed in, the state would owe upward of $14 million in subsidies for the show. As of mid-November, about $464,265 in credits had been issued for the show's first season. It's unclear why the rest has been left unresolved.

The economic development department said in a statement then that no audits have been submitted for additional seasons yet and no credits have been issued.

The synopsis for the finale episode, (titled "End of an Era") read: "Si decides to retire to pursue a music career and the family organizes a party in his honor. Meanwhile, Willie, Phil and Jase take a road trip to try to recreate an old duck call for Si's retirement gift."

The finale will re-air at 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 5.

And it's not the end of A&E for all the Robertsons. Phil and Kay Robertson's son Jepp and wife Jessica's spin-off series, "Jepp and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty" premiered its second season in January and new episodes are currently airing at 9 p.m. Wednesdays.  

A&E is on cable Channel 39 in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, and cable Channel 23 in New Orleans. 

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