Hanley's Foods still 1 for Red

Hanley's Foods has released two new salad dressings: balsamic vinaigrette and sweet creole mustard. 

The creators of the popular, all-natural Sensation and avocado salad dressings are back with two new takes on some fan favorites. 

Hanley's Foods has released a balsamic vinaigrette and sweet creole mustard dressing. With these additions, the Baton Rouge-based company now offers seven dressings. 

Both new dressings are in line with Hanley's other products in that they are made from scratch and provide customers with a healthy option. The sweet Creole mustard is vegan; the vinaigrette is soy-free. 

"We try to make our products healthier and with less allergens," Hanley's Foods CEO Richard Hanley said last week. "While doing that, we want to keep that amazing flavor profile." 

The new dressings are available now at Matherne's, Calandro's, Alexander's Highland Market and other local grocery stores. 

The announcement of the new dressings comes right around the company's five-year anniversary. To date, Hanley's Foods still makes its dressings using the equipment and space of the LSU Food Incubator program. 

"It's been a wild ride," Hanley said of his company's anniversary. "We started out at the farmer's market. Then, we got into a few stores. We're still making stuff by hand in Baton Rouge. Every week, we're making 200-500 gallons of dressing." 

The goal is to expand every day, Hanley said, and his formula is working. This year, the company got on the shelves at Walmart. Overall, Hanley's dressings are in 700 stores across Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama. 

"We’re going to be the go-to dressing company," Hanley said. 

For more information on Hanley's Foods, visit hanleysfoods.com

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