Fay Weilbaecher, of Covington, says, “Many years ago, when our family moved to a new house in River Ridge, our hamster got loose and decided to go and live in our wall.

“After trying everything we could, and not getting much sleep with him running through the walls all night, my husband came up with an idea — a desperate idea, but an idea.

“I walked into the kitchen one morning and saw a big hole in my wall with a half a head of lettuce stuck in it.

“His theory was that when the hamster gets hungry, he will nibble on the lettuce, the lettuce will drop out of the hole and the hamster will come out to eat; then WHAM, we got him.

“One day a neighbor came to welcome us to the neighborhood and I invited her in for coffee.

“It didn’t take long before she let out a scream: ‘Why is there a head of lettuce sticking out of your wall?’

“As I began to explain my husband’s lettuce theory, we starting laughing until we cried. She stopped laughing long enough to say she had a crazy husband also.

“We never found the hamster, who may still be living there with a new family.”

Cutting remarks

Jim Adams, of Central, says, “When our 6-year-old grandson from Memphis came down to visit, we took him and our 9-year-old granddaughter to a pumpkin fair and purchased each a pumpkin to carve.

“After getting home, they drew faces on their pumpkins for Pawpaw to carve.

“Grandson was not happy with his first face, so he turned the pumpkin and drew another face, then turned it once more and drew a third face.

“I asked him which face he wanted me to carve. All of them, of course!

“Granddaughter then piped up: ‘Pawpaw, you just carved the jack out of that lantern!’

“So we named it the Luke-o-Lantern!”

Colorful memory

“Who knew Memory Lane was paved in purple and gold?” asks Kevin Roca, of Denham Springs.

“Four prime seats, 400 dollars (check).

“Great parking pass, another 90 bucks (check).

“A Tiger win against Kentucky that takes me back to when I was a student in the ’80s — priceless.”

Bear facts

Louis B. Gaudin says, “Old-time Baton Rouge folks will remember that Catholic High had a LIVE bear, that was taken in a trailer cage to most home football games.

“The bear was housed with a veterinarian in north Baton Rouge. Brother Ramon would trailer the bear to home games.

“One night with bad weather, the CHS bear spent the night in our back yard.

“We had to cover his cage with canvas to keep him dry. He did not make any noise.”

Not amused

“Crazy Dog Lady” says, “I’ve read your column daily since you started writing. I am very disappointed that you would choose the letter from Harry Clark in Lafayette regarding putting Round Up in his dogs’ water and gradually increasing it until they are used to it.

“I have a very healthy sense of humor, but posting ANY letter that suggests giving animals something that will harm or kill them is unacceptable to me.

“I know that he was just kidding, but any animal lover/rescuer will be offended by your selection of letters.

“There are ignorant people who may actually try this.”

Flat nice people

Carrol Jordan says, “One morning as I set out for church in Denham Springs, I suddenly realized I had a flat tire.

“Immediately a young man from Central named Justin Lasseigne stopped, inflated my spare and changed the flat.

“I would love for him to contact me at (225) 665-8148.”

You can book it

Pat Hoth says we have until Oct. 31 to drop off books at the purple collection bins at Kean’s laundry locations, for Friends of the LSU Libraries’ Book Bazaar, March 5-7.

Special People Dept.

  • Hazel “Mame” Sparrow, of Point Pleasant, celebrates her 102nd birthday on Wednesday, Oct. 22.
  • Tina Loyacano, of Plaquemine, celebrated her 95th birthday on Friday, Oct. 17.

    Tom Blakey, of New Orleans, celebrates his 94th birthday on Wednesday, Oct. 22. In World War II he was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne. As a volunteer at the National World War II Museum, he is approaching 15,000 hours of service.

Man at the top

Harold Mayeux asks, “Did you hear about the guy who kept complaining to his boss that he had too much responsibility in his job, with more than 300 people under him?

“He mowed grass in a graveyard.”

Raising the roof

T-Bob Taylor, this column’s senior correspondent in Panana City Beach, Fla., passes along this bit of news:

“Editors will wait a long time for the true headline in the Oct. 14 Panama City News Herald after a windstorm: ‘HOOTERS GOES TOPLESS.’”

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