Marietta S. Herr, of Harahan, tells a story that women everywhere will understand.

“Overheard recently: At a ‘Little Communion,’ the priest posed questions to the communicants regarding the material they had learned and what they had done to prepare for this very special occasion.

“One pupil in the class answered that she ‘had her hair done.’ ”

One cool ride

Tom Toddy says, “Long years ago, when hitchhiking was a safe and economical mode of travel, I was heading home from military school for the Christmas break.

“It was a cold and dreary day.

“As soon as I held my thumb up, two Norwegian tourists stopped and picked me up — in a convertible with the top down.

“After riding 100 miles in the back seat of that convertible, I could barely move my frozen limbs enough to exit the vehicle when we reached my destination.”

Late-breaking news

Valery Garon comments on Tony Falterman’s story about Donaldsonville’s “cool hitchhiker,” who only accepted rides in air-conditioned cars:

“We all knew him well.

“Once I asked him, ‘Hey, what’s the latest news?’

“He replied, ‘I dunno, it ain’t out yet!’ ”

What’s in those eggs?

Brenda French reminds me that I ran an item about her pregnant daughter craving egg sandwiches with Tony Chachere’s seasoning and cinnamon.

Then her daughter had twins, Hannah and Maggie Rose. “Brenda says, “Everyone in our family calls them the ‘Smiley Babies.’ ”

That’s funny. Now, if only my wife thinks it’s funny. …

Mother love

Doug Manship Jr. says no discussion of roast beef po-boys is complete without mention of the debris po-boy at Mother’s Restaurant in New Orleans:

He recommends that anyone so “gustatorily deprived” that they’ve never had one “give themselves a treat and head there immediately!”

(But if you’re in Baton Rouge, the hot roast beef po-boy at Pastime is a fine choice. It’s made from a huge hunk of slow-roasted beef, served with gravy on New Orleans French bread.)

Pet Peeve Dept.

Actually, this one is a bit serious for a “pet peeve:”

Lori Marcel asks, “Is there no one out there who can come up with a solution to the traffic situation going eastbound on I-10 crossing the bridge?

“I travel it often, and it seems to be jammed up 90 percent of the time.

My thought: Is the Washington Street exit more necessary than the traffic mess?

“It seems if that exit were closed off, the traffic could flow much easier because now there are people trying to merge there, and I haven’t seen many use the Washington exit.

“Whatever can be done should be done. That problem reflects badly on the image of Baton Rouge.”

Parade time

The American Red Cross will be honored at the Kenilworth Civic Association’s 42nd Independence Day Parade, themed “Learning to Love Liberty,” at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 3.

The Baton Rouge neighborhood says its Resident of the Year is Bob Mathews and grand marshal is Ruark Chick, chairman of the board of the Capital Area Red Cross.

Go to http://www.

Special People Dept.

  • Addie Belue, of Greensburg, celebrates her 96th birthday on Wednesday, June 18.
  • Audrey Hebert Duplessis celebrates her 95th birthday on Wednesday, June 18.

    Elizabeth A. Green celebrates her 94th birthday on Wednesday, June 18.

    Jim and Natalie Elbourne celebrate their 71st anniversary on Wednesday, June 18.

    On Wednesday, June 18, John and Betty Torbert celebrate their 70th anniversary.

    Martha and Pat Brown celebrate their 60th anniversary on Wednesday, June 18.

    Henry and Barbara Perk Rivet, of Thibodaux, celebrate 54 years of marriage on Wednesday, June 18.

    Tom and Eva Jones, of Zachary, celebrate their 54th anniversary on Wednesday, June 18.

Beware the plague-fish!

Ronnie Stutes came across an email about four kinds of fish you shouldn’t eat due to “incredibly high levels of contamination.” (I won’t mention them because I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the warning).

The message warns you to “avoid these four types of fish like the plague.”

But the headline on the message wasn’t worded quite that way. It said, “Four fish to never eat to avoid plague.”

Ronnie says he was glad to get the warning: “Although I was unaware of any plague outbreaks caused by fish, I certainly want to avoid plague whenever I can.”

The non-fan

George Lane says he realized he didn’t know anything about the World Cup soccer competition when he discovered that “World Cup” wasn’t an international brand of athletic supporters.

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