Patsy Kelly (of course) sent me a complaint about TV folks who didn’t wear green last St. Patrick’s Day, saying what a shame it was.

This reminded me of the long-ago days when I was on the staff of The Daily Reveille, LSU’s student newspaper.

We decided to mark St. Patrick’s Day by printing a green Reveille.

We got the folks at the LSU printing plant to buy some green ink for us, and turned out a paper in which every line was a bright Kelly green.

There was only one problem — it was pretty much unreadable...

I have an idea the printing plant people knew the bright green print was going to be too much for the average eyeball. But hey, one way students learn is by making mistakes, so let ’em make ’em...

Marines and the Reagans

Jim Carruth, of Lafayette, says the death of Nancy Reagan reminds him of this story, “told to me by a dear friend who passed away last year.

“He related that back in his career in the Marine Corps, he and a fellow Marine took a tour of the White House.

“They were in full military dress, and found themselves invited into the Oval Office by President Ronald Reagan, who had spotted them in line with other tourists.

“He told them, ‘I did four Marine movies and three Army movies,’ then picked up the phone and ordered three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, three glasses of milk and a bowl of jelly beans. The snack was delivered on a silver platter by a waiter in a tux.

“Then there was a soft knock on the door, and in walks First Lady Nancy Reagan.

“The president says, ‘It’s been my pleasure talking old war movies with you, but it’s time for my sweetheart and me to take a short stroll in the Rose Garden.’

“His last words to them were, ‘God bless you both, and God bless the Corps.’

“Not a bad day for two young Marines from Louisiana.”

High times

Clark Cossé says stories about the gondolas over the Mississippi during the 1984 World Exposition in New Orleans “reminded me of the fun we had combining the gondola ride with another nightly fair attraction.

“Every night at 9 p.m. the fair would set off a fireworks display on the riverfront.

“It would last only a few minutes, so it was a challenge to get in line for the gondola at the perfect time to be over the river at the exact time the fireworks were detonated. Get on too early and you would have watch them from the west bank. Too late and you would be in line on the east bank.

“We tried to do it several times, and it was a great sight from the high perch of the gondola, crossing the great river illuminated by the multicolored exploding light show.”

Regal music

Joe Theriot, of Baton Rouge, says, regarding our seminar on Regal beer, “In 1957 I got a 78 rpm record from my uncle, who worked at a radio station.

“On one side is ‘Regal Boogie,’ and on the other side is ‘That Regal Feeling.’ The record is on the CRL label, copyrighted by American Brewing Co., New Orleans and Miami. They were sent to radio stations to be used in advertising spots.”

Deli revisited

Baton Rougeans of a certain age will recall with fondness Sigmund’s delicatessen, which brought a touch of New York City to town with its great corned beef and pastrami sandwiches and other kosher delicacies.

On Sunday, March 13, Beth Shalom Synagogue brings back those days, with its 32nd annual Corned Beef Sandwich Sale. The sandwich lunches can be picked up from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. They’re also available on Monday and Tuesday, and can be delivered to businesses that order five or more. Call (225) 924-6773.

Now, if I only had a Dr. Brown’s celery soda to go with it...

Special People Dept.

Amanda B. Cain celebrates her 97th birthday on Wednesday, March 9.

Celestine Marshall, of Norwood, celebrates her 96th birthday on Wednesday, March 9.

Clinton Gautreau, of Gonzales, a World War II veteran, celebrates his 95th birthday on Wednesday, March 9.

Alfred “Buck” Bayhi celebrates his 91st birthday on Wednesday, March 9.

That’s right, kid!

Jackie Schaff, of Slidell, says, “I was explaining to my granddaughter Emma, 4½, about who was born first in the family when she said, ‘Then Granny, you were the LEADER!’”

Explosive reaction

Keith Horcasitas tells of a misunderstanding between his Baby Boomer wife Maria and their Generation Z son J.P., 18:

“Before J.P. left for a fishing expedition to Grand Isle with friends, Maria gave him a nice portion of some lasagna she had just made, and thought for sure he and his friends would love it.

“When she got a text night from him saying, ‘The lasagna is bomb!’ she was so disappointed that she sent an apology text.

“Then she got this reply: ‘No, Mom, it was delicious; bomb means really good!’”

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