The Tigers are on a winning streak, and, just as we suspected, it's because the fans have got their mojos working. There's no doubt they will be doubling down on their efforts for Saturday's showdown against Bama. 

So whatever voodoo that you do, keep on doing it.

Here's how some fans are making sure the Tigers will come away with a W.

The Sandifer family is all about the outfits, particularly dad Dean Sandifer. The family couldn't make it to the Auburn or Ole Miss games, but that didn't stop these die-hard Tigers fans.

"So we got decked out in full face paint, mowed the yard and cheered on the Tigers on TV!," writes Dean Sandifer, an LSU medical school graduate who now calls Lakeland, Florida, home.

The good doctor pretty much goes all out on his LSU regalia for every game, including some pretty intricate face painting. And if they're going to a game, daughter Hannah Collier and grandson Maddox also slap on a little war paint. 

Judi and Wade Martin, of Baton Rouge, usually ride around campus on game days with their Tiger Trailer "getting others pumped up about our Tigers!" The trailer is equipped with sound system and purple and gold flashing strobe lights.

"We go to most of the games," says Wade Martin. "If not, we find some friend’s tailgate and watch it with them. I sometimes ride with the tiger on the back of my convertible, as well. Been having the tiger for about eight years now but been riding it on the car and bike trailer for the past two years. Sometimes, the tiger comes on a boat ride with us."

The Martins blast tiger sounds from their trailer, and, Wade Martin adds, "I have a song playlist with tailgating songs, as well."

Lola Jenks is a Derrius Guice fan, and she's got the shirt to prove it.

Her niece made her a "Guice Guice Baby!" shirt.

"I didn't wear it for the Mississippi State or Troy game because of the heat," Jenks says. "I have worn it every other game. Needless to say I will be wearing it no matter the weather (on Saturday)."

Gwendolyn "Gwennie" Gum, of Plaquemine, has figured out that the Tigers' luck has to do with what's in the glass.

“Whenever my husband and I are entertaining friends for an LSU football party, I serve cocktails the color of the opposing team’s school colors," Gum says. "So, for the upcoming Alabama game, I will be mixing for my guests a Bloody Mary or a Red Cosmopolitan hoping to 'swallow the Tide!'"

Wally and Janet Taylor helped their grandchildren, Magnolia and Sherwood Walsh, make rally posters and hang them on the staircase.

"LSU has not lost a game since they went up," the Taylors say, adding, "They are NOT coming down till after the Bama game."

OK, follow along with Gail Stephenson's explanation: "I play an online game. On the morning of the Florida game, my character, Leyann, attended a class to learn to weave flowers and gems to make jewelry. After making a bracelet with the materials provided, I realized it was in Florida colors. Leyann took the bracelet off, stomped on it and then made a circlet with yellow and purple passionflowers and luckblossoms. Right after she put it on her head, she won a raffle. I decided that was a sign that the circlet was truly lucky. So for the Florida game and every LSU game since then, I have logged in as Leyann just before the game and had her put the lucky circlet on her head — and LSU has continued to win!"

You go Leyann (and Gail)! We're all for whatever works.

Stella Fritcher, a 97-year-old Tiger fan, calls on a little help from up above for the team.

"When the Tigers are losing, I say a Hail Mary, and it works all the time," Fritcher writes. "I think my prayers help them win." We do, too.

Penny Schulin, of Baton Rouge, says it's her flag that's bringing the Tigers luck.

"I put out a Rebel flag in purple and gold on the last three wins — rain or shine. I told my husband I hate to take it down when it rains because I think they win when it is up," she writes.

And, finally, comes this from Lyn and Dee Doucet:

"This is how we help the Tigers win: We don't leave at halftime!"

Geaux Tigers!