There's a new southern soul single that has locals dancing. 

In March, Portia Palmer, or Miss Portia, as fans know her, released a dance song called "Shakin' in My Boots." To date, the video for the zydeco-style track has more than 4,200 views on YouTube. 

Ever since the singer heard it, she knew it could be a hit. 

"That day in the studio, I was wearing snow boots, and I said (to the producer), 'Look, Flip, this song got me shakin' in my boots,' ” Palmer said. "It makes me want to shake it out." 

Produced by Beat Flippa (Daniel Ross) and Secret on the Track, the single is now available to download and stream on iTunes, Spotify and other services. The release marks a new high point for Palmer, a Baton Rouge native who comes from a family full of musical talent. 

Palmer's mother, Patricia, is a music therapist and choir director at two churches. Her father, Jerome, traveled the country playing trumpet. Growing up in a musical family, Palmer said she has been singing as long as she could talk. She knew early on that music was her calling.  

“It’s kind of hard not to be a singer," Palmer said of her family's musical background. 

Her mother and her aunts, Carol Jean Stemley Adams and Rose Nell Stemley Hawkins, continue to be her biggest influences. 

"As long I can remember, my mom and her sisters would always sing together in perfect three-part harmony," Palmer said. "It was amazing that they did it so effortlessly."  

So far, Palmer is proud of her career, and she credits her parents for much of that success. Why? The couple has been consistently dedicated in helping her make her dream a reality. 

“I'm still new here, so everything that I do that gets recognition ... my family and I celebrate it like I'm a toddler taking my first step," she said. "Listening to them introduce and describe me to people — especially when they think I’m not listening — is a proud moment for me."  

Though the single is taking off, Palmer has no plans for a follow-up to her 2017 full-length album, "All in My Feelings." As of now, she is focused on whatever comes next. She just wants to go with the musical flow. 

“What's next is a hard question for me because I never expected this," she said. "I will say: Whatever God has for me, I'm here for it. As far as my fans are concerned, don't expect me to give up. That ain't in my DNA." 

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