“Very interesting” is how one local bridal expert describes today’s bridesmaids dresses.

“If the bride is sparkly, so are the bridesmaids,” says Helen Durham, owner of Gabrielle’s The Classic Bride Salon. “And, I’m talking full-sequined bridesmaids dresses. If you’re having a holiday wedding it’s a perfect look.”

Bridal Boutique owner Marie Gillery also is seeing lots of sparkle.

“They’re little, teeny-tiny sequins,” says Gilley.

The young women the bride picks to walk with her to the altar are going to love them, Gilley says.

“And they’re something the girls can definitely wear again,” she says. “The bride is letting her bridesmaids pick the style that is most flattering on them, but all in the same color.”

Among the most popular colors being chosen are rose gold, platinum, gold, blush, navy and black.

“Navy’s making a big comeback,” says Durham.

“On the other end of the spectrum, we go with classic chiffon,” says Gilley. “Classic styles in a lighter shades for spring.”

While short bridesmaids dresses were popular for awhile, today’s top looks are floor length.

And, like the bride’s wedding gown, if the dress has a simple style there’s going to be bling. One of the more popular ways to add that glitz is with shoes, and shoes that can be worn with other dresses.

“No more dyed-to-match shoes,” says Gilley.