Lewis Black is angry, but you already knew that _lowres

Photo provided by Cyberlaff, Inc. -- Comedian Lewis Black will perform at the Baton Rouge River Center on Saturday.

Mental health, politicians being politicians — it’s all up for grabs in comedian Lewis Black’s new group of shows, “The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Naked Truth Tour.”

Black, a comedian known for biting and timely rants on “The Daily Show,” will bring the tour to the Baton Rouge River Center on Saturday, Jan. 9. The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets start at $25.

2015 was a good year for the comedian and actor. Black starred as the voice of Anger in the hit Pixar movie, “Inside Out.” In an interview with The Advocate, Black said the experience was one of a kind.

“This was like going to voiceover heaven,” Black said of his visit to Pixar studios. “It’s one of the most remarkable creative experiences of my life. [Pixar is] really something. There’s a reason the movie had that kind of reaction. They’re that precise. They’re that good at it.”

Black will provide his voicing talents next in the upcoming cartoon film “Rock Dog,” alongside Sam Elliott, J.K. Simmons and Luke Wilson. Later, Black will star in an ABC miniseries about Bernie Madoff with Richard Dreyfuss.

However, Black is more known for his acerbic comedy. He has had specials on Comedy Central and HBO. He said he has just started putting the material together for his latest tour.

“I’ve been thinking about this stuff for awhile, then I’ll just get up on stage and talk about it,” he said. “I’ve put aside a lot of material for awhile now. Now, it seems like the time to bring it all out.”

A complete interview and preview will come soon to The Advocate. Check back with us after the holidays.

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