Dear Smiley: Otis, the little orange kitten who was hitchhiking on Airline in front of Costco one Thursday afternoon, asked me to thank all the nice drivers who were willing to bring southbound Airline Highway to a momentary stop while his new friend ran to pick him up.

Otis is recovering from his facial injuries (perhaps he was earlier grazed by a car, or even thrown from a car by some jerk) but is now out of shock and hopes to leave the vet clinic in a couple of days to check out his forever home.

Had the drivers not all been so attentive and courteous, Otis wouldn’t have lasted long playing in traffic.

Thank you, nice people of Baton Rouge!


Baton Rouge

Campus cut-ups

Dear Smiley: In your June 19 column concerning the “ewe’s mate,” I was reminded of something in the Tulane newspaper, The Hullabaloo, when I was a freshman in 1943:

“Damn,” said the ram as he fell off the cliff, “I didn’t see that ewe turn.”

I also remember “Why does the little duck walk softly? Cause he can’t walk hardly.”

Each monthly edition had a similar saying, usually taken from Harvard’s journal.

I completed my engineering degree at Georgia Tech and always missed the Tulane paper.



Dear Richard: If that’s your taste in humor, you should love this column. …

Missed photo op

Dear Smiley: The “Louisiana History” feature on Earl Long in the June 20 Advocate reminded me of the best campaign picture never taken of Gov. Long’s last campaign, for Congress in 1960.

It was a final campaign rally in Alexandria, and Long had set up his sound truck near the Hotel Bentley, and was speaking to his supporters from the steps of a courthouse across the street.

I was a UPI (United Press International) correspondent then and watched from the steps of the Bentley.

From my vantage point, I could see a light from above shining on Long’s white hair. The steps below him were filled with people, and the sound truck was blaring.

On the far side of the courthouse steps there was a Civil War statue atop a high column. Beyond the courthouse was a multi-story building with a billboard on top, advertising Early Times whiskey.

From where I stood, I could read, directly above the governor, the sign saying, “The true, old style Earl…” with the rest of the billboard blocked by the statue.

There’s never a photographer around when you need one.


Baton Rouge

Sever those strings

Dear Smiley: As the parents of three grown children, a grandson and a granddaughter, my husband, Buddy, and I are blessed.

Parenting is the most difficult of all jobs — as I was reminded at dinner on Father’s Day when I stated to our younger son, “David, I’m looking forward to the day you and I finally get on the same page.”

To which he replied, “Never, because we’re not even in the same book.”

Yes, Smiley, at that moment I mentally cut the apron strings.



Logical answer

Dear Smiley: One morning, I was making the usual St. Theresa summer camp drop-off with four neighborhood boys in the car.

The boys were trying to guess the middle name of one of them, Lemak.

He hinted, “It’s a saint’s name,” to which my 6-year-old Grayson yelled, “I know it — Drew Brees!”

Only in Louisiana!



Come blow your horn

Dear Smiley: In Lafayette, there are a significant number of left turn lanes that only allow four or five cars through on a light cycle.

During the morning, noon and evening rush hours there are many more cars in those lanes than can get through.

A friend of mine told me that if he is three or four cars back, he honks his horn as soon as the left arrow comes on — because there is almost always some jackass who is messing with his phone and will hold up the line enough that only a couple of cars get through.

He says this wakes them up.

I, of course, would never do this. I have all the time in the world to get where I am going, and sitting through a couple of lights gives me a chance to observe my fellow drivers.



Dear Harry: I’d like to meet this impatient “friend” of yours. I think I may know him. …

Bareback riders

Dear Smiley: I just realized I missed the World Naked Bike Ride in New Orleans.

It sounds like an event you would have covered.

I was wondering if you have any pictures.

I’m also wondering, if you do have pictures, do I really want to see them?



Dear Tim: To answer your inquiry: No, no and hell no!

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