Odeal, of St. Gabriel, has an idea to help Louisiana obtain plants for its medical marijuana program.

Hearing that potential growers are going to Cuba to get advice on cultivation, she says, “There is absolutely no need for that. A lot of unemployed people in Louisiana know how. Hire them...We have experts here...Some may have starter plants, also.

“Give them a job doing what they do best...Win, win all around. Cheaper, too.”

You could say that Odeal has a vested interest in such an employment program. Her letter came to me from L.C.I.W. — the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women...

As the crow dies

Ernie Gremillion was the first of several readers to comment on that old story in the Thursday column about the roadside “lookout crows” who call “Car, car!” to prevent their fellow crows from becoming road kill.

He points out that while very few crows are killed by cars because of the lookout bird, many are done in by trucks — because crows can’t say “Truck, truck.”

And Frank Fronczek adds that “The lookout crow joke really works well only in Boston,” where their call is ‘Cah, cah!’”

Grits and mortality

Another story for our “Why We Love Children” file:

Connie Blackburn says her 7-year-old grandson, Evan Moore, loves her cooking, especially the way she prepares grits:

“On a recent morning, while he was eating his grits, he said, ‘Nana, you make the best grits! I don’t know how you do it, but would you write the recipe down for me before you die?’”

Literary possum

I was surprised to receive in the mail the THEMA Literary Society of Metairie’s journal for autumn, 2015.

The surprise was the possum pictured on the publication’s cover.

Virginia Howard, the editor, explains that the marsupial illustrates the issue’s theme, “We Thought He’d Never Leave.”

She says she was in her den with her morning newspaper when “an opposum lumbered by the window...I grabbed my camera and followed it. In pursuit, I saw it shimmy up a bush and position itself on the top of the fence.

“And then it froze — the perfect subject for a photo op. Thank you, Pogo. I took my time and snapped several pictures of this now-immovable object. No muscle twitched. Once I turned my back, the opossum scurried away. It was no doubt thinking, ‘I thought she’d never leave!’”

A tragedy called Audrey

Richard M. Gibson, of Lafayette, reminds us that Monday, June 27, is the 59th anniversary of Hurricane Audrey, which devastated southwest Louisiana:

“Hurricane Audrey sneaked into Cameron Parish early one Tuesday morning in 1957, while the people were sleeping and unaware they would be awakened by an unwelcome visitor from the Gulf of Mexico.

“The death toll for Louisiana was around 500, and the exact number will never be known because so many were never accounted for.

“Monday should be ‘Hurricane Audrey Memorial Day’ in the state of Louisiana. I hope all flags statewide will be lowered.

“I hope the tragedy that Louisiana suffered from Hurricane Audrey will never be forgotten by future Louisianians because of the more recent hurricanes of the 21st century.”

Special People Dept.

Virginia Butler Thomas, formerly of Alexandria, now living in Destin, Florida, celebrates her 95th birthday on Monday, June 27.

James “Tommy” Templet, of Pride, celebrates his 90th birthday on Monday, June 27. He is a World War II Navy veteran.

Betty and Glen Singleton, of Ascension Parish, celebrated their 68th anniversary on Sunday, June 26.

Dorothy and Bob Nelson, of Kenner, will be married 60 years on Thursday, June 30, an event celebrated Sunday, June 26, at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Kenner.

Thought for the Day

From J.C. Robillard, of Port Allen: “Be safe instead of sorry; roll your eyes instead of dice.”

Skinny sucker

Shooter Mullins says, “Smiley, the item about seersucker suits in the Wednesday column took me back to my teen years.

“As I recall, I was quite thin at that time. I had a seersucker suit that had only 13 stripes.

“I have beefed up some since then.”

Very funny, Doc!

After Jimmy Varnado fell and broke two bones in his lower back, he had surgery to repair the break, but was still hurting two weeks after the operation.

So he says his doctor sent him to see a spine specialist:

“They put me on my stomach on a table with a large hole to put my head into, with nothing to look at but the floor.

“After about 15 minutes on my stomach, I asked the spine man if he was still in the room.

“He said, ‘Yes, I’m reading a book.’

“I said, ‘What the hell are you reading?’

“His reply was, ‘I’m reading to learn how to do this procedure.’”


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