Her dad, uncles and grandfather, stars of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” are all about camouflage and hunting ducks, but 18-year-old Sadie Robertson is more about fashion.

“I like fashion camo, though,” she added with a laugh as she recently waited in the Mall of Louisiana’s rue21 store to unveil its new Wild Blue denim line. Robertson, who also appears on the Louisiana-shot reality show, is the national spokesmodel for the junior lifestyle clothing line.

“They loved my message that girls can be confident,” she said.

That message is broadcast daily to her 2.4 million Instagram and 1.64 million Twitter followers as well as through her New York Times best-seller, “Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps It Real and Stays True to Her Values,” which came out last fall.

“My dad (Willie Robertson) always called me an original,” said Robertson in explaining the book’s title. “I took it to heart. I would speak to young girls about being how God created you to be. Then I decided to write it all down in a book.”

While Robertson does like to write, she admitted to being more of a big idea person.

“My grandmother’s (Chrys Howard) a writer,” she said. “I tell her my thoughts, and she writes them down.”

Those thoughts, such as “No Regrets” and “Always Invest in Yourself,” are featured on the T-shirts in the Wild Blue line.

“It’s a good match,” said Robertson of her relationship with Wild Blue.

She said her mom, Korie Robertson, and older sister, Rebecca, are the true fashionistas in the family, keeping up with the latest trends. But as the former “Dancing With the Stars” finalist has gotten older and traveled more, she said she’s become more interested in fashion.

“I’m not into reading fashion magazines,” she said, “but I like to go (shopping) and see what’s out there.”

Clothes in the Wild Blue line, she said, have a “perfect balance of different styles and washes. There’s something for everyone.”

Aside from jeans, the line includes a variety of demur shirts in denim and plaid, many with touches of lace.

“It’s good for school, date night, to go to the mall or a movie,” added Korie Robertson. “They look and feel like designer pieces, but the price points are great.”

Sadie Robertson and Wild Blue designers are working on the 2016 spring and fall lines now. She’s also working on another “Live Original” book, this one to include a 52-week devotional study guide, and a tour and is getting ready to graduate from high school. And the family is still shooting “Duck Dynasty.”

“It’s been crazy but really fun,” she said. “Without all this, I never would have gotten the platform to share my faith. It’s been a huge blessing.”