Kimonos add style to both casual and dressy looks.

The kimono, a Japanese wrap-style robe with wide sleeves, is having a fashion moment. It started on the runways and has now become a favorite on the street.

With bright colors and bold patterns, these gorgeous garments have been modernized for the contemporary American woman.

When it comes to wearing a kimono, the opportunities are endless. In the summer, the beauty of the kimono is its utility as a layering piece. While the Louisiana heat can be brutal, this is one item that will not stick to you on the hottest day. Kimonos are breezy, loose and comfortable.

A kimono can also add a stylish vibe to your outfit. Keep your look super simple and let your kimono do the talking. Pair this piece with some cute shorts or skinny jeans and a T-shirt. Flats or sandals will complete the look.

Kimonos can also go to the beach as a cover up — another way to get mileage out of this piece.

The kimono also crosses with ease the line from casual jeans and a tee to dressy.

To dress it up, pull your kimono on over a fitted dress — a sheath or bodycon style is perfect. If your kimono is bright and bold, a neutral dress will work best. With the right pair of heels and a statement clutch, you will be ready for an elegant evening.

So don't be afraid to try this trend, which can easily add a punch to any look.

McKenna Bass Trahan is a mother, teacher and blogger. Check out her fashion favorites at