What a Crock!: Try something different: colorful veggie spaghetti _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Veggie Variety Spaghetti

It’s interesting how our food choices change.

In my younger days, I wouldn’t have thought about having a meal without meat. But through the years, I have found myself looking at vegetarian meals with more interest or ordering meatless dishes when I dine out.

Louisiana cuisine has taught me to appreciate more varied food choices than those I experienced in my youth. Seafood is definitely more appreciated.

I suppose we evolve in not only what we eat, but how we cook.

I have friends who mostly cook on their grills these days. Others like to eat out often, and still others have become quite the gourmet through the years.

Slow-cooking always fits my needs, although I, too, have gone through different food stages during years of childrearing, caregiving and navigating work and home. That, too, has evolved.

In my 40-plus years of working with the slow cooker in both personal and professional circles, what I cooked when I was starting out is far different from what I might cook today.

We live and learn through trial and error, catching on to a new food trend or trying a more modern appliance or convenience food.

I learned to think outside the box — or make that the stove. Why wouldn’t that work in the slow cooker? How could that recipe be improved? Better yet, let’s just try something different every once in a while.

Here’s a spaghetti recipe that throws in all the veggies in a rainbow of color. Why not?

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at juliekay6122@gmail.com.