“I find it outrageous that people fight so strongly against gay rights. How can you justify making a law against love? They are just as human as you and I — remember that.”

Age: 15

School: Baton Rouge Magnet High

Parents: Michael Findley and Tiffany Bass


Book: “Any of the Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.”

Music: “Anything from alternative to hip-hop to classical.”

Movie: “Either ‘The Eagle’ or ‘The Last Samurai.’”

TV show: “Doctor Who”

Role model: “Everyone who stands up for what they believe is a role model for me, but on a personal level, my mother is a big inspiration. She has gone through a lot of hardships, but she never lets that hold her back.”

Hangout: “The public library. It’s a place where I can immerse myself in any subject and learn a lot about it. It’s also a great place to study, get new ideas and just relax after a long day.”

Extra: “I am a proud member of our school’s Solar Car Team, where a group of students, with the aid of our adult sponsor, designs, builds, and races a vehicle that runs completely on solar energy. It’s not easy, and it’s almost never perfect, but we feel that, although solar power isn’t a feasible source of energy at the time being, if people work hard on it, it can be. And, who better to do so than ourselves?”