The Mystic Krewe of Achilles took its members and guests for a trip down movie memory lane for its 57th annual ball on Jan. 12 at the River Center.

The Achilles Drive-in provided the backdrop for a look at movie classics from decades past through the present.

Reigning over the festivities were King Achilles LVII Richard B. “Rickey” Heroman and his queen, Renée Starring Furr.

They appeared in regal attire that included the debut of new trains of gold silk velvet that featured gold lame borders, and black and white fur trim. Both were finished with the Achilles insignia in a rhinestone “A.”

Presented as ball captain was Stephen M. Toups, who rode on stage as Pee-wee Herman pedaling his beloved red and white bike from “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.”

Accompanying the royal couple were their pages. Serving the queen were Jessica Elizabeth Starring, Blaine Gerard Starring and Evan William Starring, children of Brent and Kristy Starring; and Caroline Caswell Waters and Beatrice Patton Waters, daughters of Geordy and Kate Waters. Serving the king were Jane Ashley Parker, daughter of Dr. Greg and Ashley Parker; Molly Grace Trellis, daughter of Randy and Melissa Trellis; Elizabeth Freeland Lemann, daughter of Ben and Caroline Lemann; and Sydney Elise Doyle, daughter of Russ Doyle

The evening continued with the introduction of court members.

Presented in Tableau 1 were Will Owens and Zach Stafford going “Up in Smoke” with their rendition of Ceech & Chong; Aza Bowlin twisting at Jack Rabbit Slims restaurant as Mia Wallace from “Pulp Fiction”; Shannon Hyde transforming from a welder to a dancer as Alexandra “Alex” Owens in “Flashdance”; Dyke Nelson entering mid-arena as Rocky Balboa from “Rocky”; Monique Smith as Vivian from “Pretty Woman”; and Dr. Jon Traxler appearing Mafioso style as Tony Montana from “Scarface.”

Tableau 2 included Paula Davis as Princess Leia from “Star Wars”; Lile Lindsey as Dr. Frank-N-Furter from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”; Trey Beall rocking tube socks as Joel Goodson in “Risky Business”; Jason Dupree driving his mini Trans Am as the Bandit from “Smokey and the Bandit”; Elizabeth McKnight as Mrs. Robinson from “The Graduate”; and Catharine McKay showing her strokes as Lacey Underall from “Caddyshack.”

Achilles officers include Geordy Waters, president, and Andy Adler, president-elect.

All royal costumes, shoes and trains were designed and made by Dee Keller Design.