Baton Rouge fashion designer Anthony Ryan Auld, a Project Runway All Stars winner, opens flagship boutique in San Antonio _lowres

Photo provided by TONY AULD --- Former Baton Rougean Anthony Ryan Auld, who won 'Project Runways All Stars,' is now living in San Antonio, Texas, where he has opened a new fashion and lifestyle boutique called The ANTHILL.

Baton Rouge’s favorite ‘Project Runway’ star is making a new home and starting a new business in the Lone Star state.

Anthony Ryan Auld, winner of season two of ‘Project Runway All Stars,’ earlier this month quietly opened an upscale lifestyle boutique, The ANTHILL, in San Antonio, Texas, with his stepmom, Sharon.

“It’s what I wanted to do in Baton Rouge,” Auld said in a phone interview from his new boutique.

The ANTHILL features Auld’s fashions, jewelry and home décor items, and others items he’s personally curated. Eventually, he said, pieces from some of his fellow ‘Project Runway’ designers will be available.

Auld, 32, and dad Tony designed and built out the entire store, which is located in Stone Oak Plaza. The store’s name is a play on Anthony and his clothing/jewelry line, Ant, and his line for children, Little Ant.

“This is the flagship store for now, but we hope to open in other locations over the next couple of years,” said Auld. “Baton Rouge will be the second or third store.”

Meanwhile, his fans can purchase his fashions through Facebook,, and the soon-to-launch site,

The new store comes at a time when Auld was considering abandoning the fashion world altogether.

“This past year was pretty tough for me personally,” he continued. “You’re going to find this hard to believe, but I was going to totally give this up (his fashion career) and go work for an oil and gas company.”

Wanting to adopt a child, Auld knew his chances would be better if he had the support of his family, several of whom live in Texas.

“My dad and stepmom live here in San Antonio and then both my sisters moved to Texas, too. I would have been the only one left in Baton Rouge,” he explained of his decision to move.

His fashion career had him traveling around the world.

“A steady job looks better on paper,” he added. “When my stepmom approached me about this partnership all the pieces kind of fell into place and it all worked out. I’m much happier with this than what I was doing before.”