City Pork Kitchen & Pie might not be on the market for too long. 

The restaurant, which closed last week after the owners of the City Pork Hospitality Group split in mid-August, is under contract to become the second location of KC's Grill

KC's owner Kenny Carr confirmed Friday afternoon that he is negotiation to take over the restaurant at 6721 Exchequer Drive. He's hopeful that a deal can be reached soon. 

"I'm hoping we can open up in October," Carr said. "That's what we're shooting for." 

KC's Grill opened last year in the former location of Tommy's Fish House, at 37306 Perkins Road, in Prairieville. Before opening his own restaurant, Carr had worked for Sammy's Grill for five years, assisting in the opening of the Central and Prairieville locations. 

"I'm an old school guy," Carr said of his work at KC's. "I'm the owner, the janitor. ... I'll get in there and cook. I do whatever it takes to make the restaurant run. When you got your heart and money into it, you want your customers happy." 

KC's serves Louisiana homestyle food. Patrons can expect dishes like gumbo, étouffée, fried catfish, 10-inch po-boys and "some of the best red beans around town," Carr said. 

"Our slogan is 'It's just like being at home, but you don't do the dishes,'" he added. 

Originally, Carr wasn't looking to open another restaurant, but he knew the City Pork Kitchen & Pie owners and made a call. For Carr, it seems like a win-win because this new location will serve breakfast and lunch and won't interfere with the Prairieville location's business. 

"It is a perfect scenario," Carr said of opening the Baton Rouge KC's. "This location also has a bigger kitchen that we can utilize as a catering facility." 

Carr said KC's Grill won't change the business hours or the breakfast menu very much. The lunch menu will feature some items from the City Pork Kitchen & Pie menu as well as KC's.

"We'll have to curb our menu down to make for more lunch items," he said. "We'll have a little of everything and daily specials." 

The interior won't change much, either, Carr said, mentioning he might add a few TVs and some LSU memorabilia. 

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