Each week The Advocate asks a different “quiz taker” for his or her current favorites in pop culture.

QUIZ TAKER: Wally Taillon, 67, president of the Gonzales Jambalaya Association.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: “I normally listen to 104.9, the country legends. It’s a lot of different variety. I like swamp pop, mostly, and 104.9 has swamp pop during Saturday mornings, the Roland Doucet show.”

WHAT I’M READING: “I’m not much into reading.”

WHAT I’M WATCHING: “I watch a lot of TV, old Westerns, mostly. I like a lot of old ones, like Gene Autry and Glen Ford. He was one of my favorites.”

HOW I LIKE TO SPEND TIME: “I don’t hunt, I don’t fish, drink or smoke. The only hobby I have is cooking jambalaya.”

WHAT’S YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? “Ice cream. I like that Blue Bell ice cream. In the last year or so I’ve been trying to stay away from it. Stay on it for one week, and you’re going to put at least 5 pounds on.”


What do you like so much about cooking jambalaya?

“I have pots that I’ve been having for 40 years. These are like my shotguns or fishing equipment. That’s what I’m about. I enjoy and take pride in every pot of jambalaya I cook. Most of the pots were made in the early 1900s. A lot of the manufacturers have gone out of business. I don’t think you can find American-made pots that size anymore.”

EVENT INFORMATION: The Gonzales Jambalaya Festival isn’t just a celebration of jambalaya. The carnival begins Wednesday at the Gonzales Fairgrounds at the corner of Airline Highway and Cornerview Road in Gonzales, and cooking contests run Thursday through Sunday. On Saturday, a 5K and 1-mile fun run and walk begin the day. For more information, visit http://www.JambalayaFestival.org.

Kyle Peveto

Advocate staff writer