“I want to be an engineer. Both my parents are engineers, and I just like building things. I think engineering is fun. If something breaks, I like trying to fix it or trying to make it better.”

Age: 14

School: Zachary High School

Parents: Paula Veal and Eddie Veal


Book: “The Hunger Games” series

Music: “I just listen to any music. I play in the band though, the alto saxophone.”

Movie: “Fast Five”

TV show: “Top Gear”

Role model: His grandfather, Paul Stein

Hangout: “With my friends, just whatever.”

Extra: Veal is involved in a ballooning project that meets twice a week at LSU. He and his classmates initially built a SkeeterSat, which Veal described as a memory chip board with several items soldered to it that respond to frequency changes that reflect changes in temperature and light. The ultimate goal is for students to build their own payload, complete with sensors, that they will send into the atmosphere on a weather balloon.