A bus for Billboard Chart-topping singer Lizzo was spotted on the campus of Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019. The pop star was reportedly on campus to shoot a music video featuring Southern's Human Jukebox marching band. 

After a bus emblazoned with No. 1 Billboard recording artist Lizzo’s name showed up at Southern University on Wednesday, hundreds turned out to A.W. Mumford Stadium that night in hopes of seeing the pop sensation, and possibly being in a music video she was filming.

When Lizzo posted a video of herself on Instagram earlier in the day referencing flying to Baton Rouge, many speculated as to why she was hitting up the Red Stick. The rapper and singer known for 'Truth Hurts' and 'Good as Hell' said in the video that she flew in from San Francisco.

But an enigmatic tweet from Southern University suggested she may be in town to shoot a music video. 

"Hey, Jaguar Nation! Come be a part of a major video production featuring a #1 Billboard recording artist and our very won Human Jukebox on Wednesday, October 30," Southern University posted on Instagram on Tuesday.

Wednesday evening hundreds of people crowded the Southern University football stadium along with their marching band to participate in what officials said was a music video.

Around 7 p.m. the stadium was largely deserted, but a short while later the marching band arrived in full force, decked out in their uniforms as they played.

Later in the evening they began to warm up, playing what sounded like Lizzo’s hit, ‘Good as Hell.’

One security guard on the scene said they expected about 1,500 people to show up for the shoot. As the night wore on, the lines grew longer and the people more excited. Security loudly demanded all pockets must be emptied and no cell phones allowed. 

Some potential participants panicked, but others returned and came back, eager to be a part of the event no matter what. 

Airicka Gibbs, 19, arrived a little before 8 p.m with her friends Raven Sanfie, 18, and Jakyree Green, also 18. It was her birthday weekend, she said, and she was thrilled to have the chance to be in a music video for Lizzo.

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Jaquenetta Harness, a senior at Southern University, said she was there to support her school and be a part of the video. She had no idea Lizzo was expected to come, and when she learned this news she screamed in delight.

In other cases, family members arrived to back their children and grandchildren, who were in the marching band.

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Chelci Lamb, 23, said she was there not to be in the music video, but just to glimpse Lizzo again. She had seen her earlier on campus in an electric blue leotard exiting the theatre building, laughing and looking joyous, as usual.

“She smiled at me,” Lamb said.

Lamb said she would go into the stadium for a time, just to see Lizzo again, and then leave. That would be enough.

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