Hey burger fans, Bud's is coming back to Baton Rouge. 

Bud's Broiler posted to Facebook early Saturday morning that its City Park Avenue franchisee, Shannon Prince, is opening a location in Baton Rouge at 4343 Nicholson Drive.

Bud's Broiler owner Mel Zeigler confirmed the news at 11 a.m. Saturday morning. 

"The goal is to open before the football season," Zeigler said, mentioning the demolition work has been done and the team is waiting to get to work on the construction phase.

The Nicholson Drive location used to be a Rotolo's Pizzeria and most recently The Dive Bar & Grill. This will be Bud's second attempt to open in the Baton Rouge market. A Bud's Broiler was open on Florida Boulevard "about 10-15 years ago," Zeigler said. 

Bud's specializes in charcoal broiled burgers with grated cheddar cheese as well as hot dogs and a few specialty sandwiches. The Baton Rouge location will feature the same menu. The only difference is that at Nicholson Drive, Bud's will have two charcoal pits. 

"We anticipate high volume, especially on gamedays," Zeigler said, mentioning that the restaurant will be open until 3 a.m. on Friday, Saturdays and for special occasions. 

"I thought it was an excellent location," Zeigler said. "I like Baton Rouge. I think it's a great market. If you look at all our Facebook pages, we get a lot of questions, and it was all, 'When are you going to open in Baton Rouge?' BR was next in line." 

Zeigler said after Baton Rouge, he is looking at locations in Slidell. 

The popular burger restaurant started in 1952. Bud's currently has eight locations. Another Metairie location is set to open soon. Zeigler and his wife, Becky, bought Bud's Broilers about two years ago. Prince has owned the City Park location since 2009. 

For more information on Bud's Broiler, visit budsbroiler.com

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