Kathleen Joffrion and her family are grateful to a young soldier for an act of kindness.

“Recently, my sister took Dad to see the movie ‘Lincoln.’

“When the movie was over and it came time to walk back to the car, Dad’s legs just kind of gave out. He was breathless and he could hardly walk.

“My sister went out to the lobby to see if she could get help.

“Dad was sitting alone in the empty, dark theater, waiting in tears because he felt so helpless.

“And just at that moment, a tall young man appeared around the corner and walked directly to Dad.

“He knelt on one knee to be eye level with Dad, and said, ‘Sir, I see that you have a World War II veteran’s cap on, and I wanted to thank you for your service.’

“The soldier said he’d just returned from Afghanistan, and knew what it meant to serve his country.

“Just then my sister came back, and asked the soldier if he could help her support Dad just to the front door of the lobby.

“He said, ‘It would be my privilege, ma’am.’

“Then the soldier put Dad’s arm around his own shoulder, grabbed him around his waist, and just swept him up as if he were carrying a wounded buddy.

“When Dad asked for his name, the soldier simply replied, ‘Whitney, sir.’ Then he wished them well, said goodbye, and disappeared into the crowd.”

Our own Florida

Jonathan Dowling says, “I read with interest the article on the West Florida Republic in The Advocate on Monday.

“This is a term I did not understand until now.

“I use an Internet networking site that lists my location as, ‘Louisiana, Florida Parishes, East Baton Rouge.’

“With disturbing regularity friends, family and colleagues from foreign countries (Texas) ask me, ‘So how do you like living in Florida?’ ”

Mr. Forgetful

A reader issues this note to “a clean-cut young man who locks himself out of his car quite regularly:

“When you approached me outside of Coffee Call asking for $20 to add to your money so that you could call Pop-A-Lock to rescue your keys from inside your car, I had my suspicions.

“When you asked for $16 in Barnes & Nobles for the same problem, I can only conclude that you are very forgetful for your age or (heaven forbid) you are running a scam.”

Milk and cookies

Recent Nostalgia Corner items jogged some memories:

  • Nita Johnson, of Gainesville, Texas, recalls milk home delivery service in Baton Rouge “from the late 1930s well into the 1960s by Santa Maria Dairy.

“We left the back door open for our delivery man, and he put the milk, butter, cheese and eggs in the ’fridge.

“But best of all, that marvelous Santa Maria eggnog made its appearance at Christmas and was received with delight.

“I really miss the home delivery services that were offered back then. Certainly beat the hassle of today’s trek to a store, where you can face anything from purse snatching to being run over by an undisciplined 8-year-old gone wild with a shopping cart.”

  • Marlene M. Penick says, “When I grew up on the 2600 block of North Street, Jack’s Cookies was two blocks east and Morning Treat Coffee was two blocks west.

“The two aromas overwhelmed the area for blocks.

“Please note, I am not as ‘old’ as that part of Old Baton Rouge.”

  • Loretta Toussant says, “One of my fondest memories is of a field trip to the Jack’s Cookies plant downtown.

“Seeing those huge mixing bowls of cookie dough mixed with the aroma of fresh baked cookies, my 5-year-old mind thought I’d died and gone to Jack’s Cookies heaven.”

Time to recycle

WBRZ-TV, Conn’s Appliances and Electronics, and Capital Area Corporate Recycling hold “Recycle Your Electronics Day” from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday in front of the Conn’s store at 6835 Siegen Lane.

Recyclables include computer hardware, accessories and laptops. For a complete list, go to http://www.cacrc.com/what.html.

Equipment will be refurbished and sold to the public, discounted for low-income families or given to schools and community centers.

Special People Dept.

  • Edwin “Bub” LeJeune, of Brusly, celebrates his 94th birthday Thursday.
  • Bill Johnson celebrates his 90th birthday Thursday.
  • John and Dorothy “Dot” Richard, of Donaldsonville, celebrated their 67th anniversary Saturday.

Thought for the Day

From Harry Clark, of Lafayette: “Money isn’t everything, but it sure keeps the kids in touch.”

Initial reaction

George Lane offers a post-game analysis following Alabama’s rout of Notre Dame in the BCS Championship football game.

The defeat was so bad, says George, that “ ‘BCS’ now stands for ‘Beating Catholics Soundly.’ ”

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