Let's dish with Mike Brewer ver 3

City Pork corporate chef Mike Brewer and the dish Three Little Pigs 

After quickly establishing himself as a consultant for City Pork in Baton Rouge, chef Mike Brewer has moved on to work at a new restaurant, Copper Vine Winepub, in New Orleans. 

City Pork owner Stephen Hightower confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that Brewer finished his work with the capital city restaurant about a month ago. Brewer worked with City Pork for about six months. 

"Brewer did a great job," Hightower said. "He came in and organized what we had. He put systems in place to make City Pork what it needs to be. With the catering and growth we are experience, his expertise was necessary." 

The 2015 King of Louisiana Seafood, Brewer had worked in the New Orleans restaurant scene since 1999. He worked at restaurants like Brennan's and Commander's Palace before opening his own place, The Sammich. 

While working with City Pork, Brewer spent the majority of his time at the Deli location, 2363 Hollydale Ave., making sausages, crafting menu items and streamlining processes. Brewer also confirmed his move back to New Orleans, mentioning that he enjoyed working and helping the Baton Rouge restaurant. 

Hightower said City Pork is now hitting its stride. Chef Susan Strange was hired as the executive chef at the Brasserie location, at 7327 Jefferson Highway. Chef Scott Gautreau, who was hired at the same time as Brewer, was promoted to general manager of the Brasserie. 

Strange has a "long history of putting great food out in the city," Hightower said. "She was the first chef I worked under. I've always been in love with her food. She has been doing things that no one else is doing." 

Already, Strange has added a few menu items to the Brasserie, and a summer menu is coming in two weeks. 

Outside of the Deli and Brasserie locations, City Pork opened its location inside the LSU Design Building in late April. Hightower said the response to that location was "unbelievable."

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