I don’t claim to be a political insider, but I knew some time ago that Mayor-President Kip Holden was going to be a candidate for a major office (turns out it’s lieutenant governor).

I got a text from my brother Louis, in Oakdale, telling me, “Kip Holden is speaking to the Oakdale Rotary Club today.”

When I got home that afternoon, I told my spouse, “Kip is running for a statewide office.”

“How do you know?” she asked.

I replied, “He spoke to the Oakdale Rotary Club today.”

How Swede it is!

David Couvillon, retired Marine colonel, adds to our discussion of Swedish crawfish boils:

“While on military duty in Sweden, I was invited to a party and told to expect ‘crayfish.’ I was overjoyed.

“After sitting at the table (formal, no less) and attempting to keep up with my Swedish Army colleagues in schnapps toasts (more or less successful on my part), I was served the pièce de résistance: a whopping two (not two pounds, not two dozen) — two crawfish!

“There was some consternation among my friends, as I was obviously crestfallen!

“After assuring my hosts I was only dejected at the amount, I ate the meager portion and went back to the schnapps.

“By the way, the Swedes don’t use salt or crab boil to cook their crawfish. They boil them with … dill.”

Forget what?

Loren C. Scott addresses a current column topic:

“Regarding the contributor who struggled to remember names:

“A couple of decades ago, I took the Jack Carnegie course in how to remember names. That might help him out.

“What did not work so well for me was ‘The Memory Book,’ an excellent book written by the basketball great Jerry Lucas.

“The initial chapters were filled with these great techniques for remembering names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

“However, as I began Chapter Four, I realized I could not remember what I read in the first three chapters.

“I threw the sucker away.”

Get the red out!

Sammy Rispone says his family, on a European vacation, were at the train station in Milan, Italy, when son Rodi spotted a gent wearing a red Alabama “Roll Tide” shirt:

“I had my LSU purple shirt on. I spotted a security guard and told him, ‘Stop that man! Don’t let him through!’

“The Alabama man was startled at first; then he saw my LSU shirt and started to laugh.”

Uncomfortable truth

Don’t you just hate it when the truth gets in the way of a good story?

Lynne Jones comments on the note from a reader about the town of Comfort, Texas, being between the towns of Alice and Loraine, which made for an interesting motel sign.

Comfort, she says, “is nowhere near either of those places. Try halfway between Centerpoint and Waring.

“I travel through Comfort a couple of times a year going to visit friends in the hill country.

“Couldn’t let that mistruth stand.”

Got books?

Yearbooks from schools that are or were in East Baton Rouge Parish are sought for the Baton Rouge Room Archive at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library, which now has some 500 books.

For details, call your friendly neighborhood archivist, Melissa Eastin, at (225) 231-3752.

Special People Dept.

  • Mary Boozer Jackson celebrates her 94th birthday on Sunday . Now living in Baton Rouge, she is from Moorhead, Mississippi.
  • Earline Naquin celebrates her 90th birthday on Sunday .

    On Friday , Mary and George Hill celebrate their 71st anniversary.

    On Saturday , Calvin and Teenie Bajon celebrate their 63rd anniversary.

    Ralph and Margie Alexander celebrate their 50th anniversary on Friday .

    Joe and Deanna Zachary celebrate 50 years of marriage on Friday .

    Barbara and Roger Bourg III, of Donaldsonville, celebrate their 50th anniversary on Friday .

    Judy and M.J. Alberes, of Brusly St. Martin, celebrate their 50th anniversary on Friday .

Never too young

“I am feeling a little like an electronic jack-in-the-box,” says Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville.

“Due to the fact that my 2-year-old grandson Eli lives in Houston, we have to do computer ‘face time’ to see him as often as we would like.

“Yesterday, he turned on the laptop computer, handed it to his dad and said, ‘Dee Dee, Pa Pa.’ ”

Dream on

My readers seem fascinated by that Range Rover TV commercial featuring a guy, his dog, an attractive lady and her mislaid scarf.

Macon Callicott calls it “Clearly a car commercial of such manifold effectiveness and entertainment that, at once, I wanted the car, the dog, a Ferragamo tie and the girl — but not necessarily in that order.”

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