What do you get the millennial that already has Instagrammed everything? Holiday shopping can be hard for your more youthful friends, but there are still things out there they want and, more importantly, need.

1. Avocados. Avocados are one of the few things millennials can agree on. So keep their toasts topped for the week after Christmas with these perfect stocking stuffers.

2. Brunch. Grab a gift card from your favorite brunch spot and take your youthful friend out for a bite. For extra flair, throw in matching screen-printed tees with a whimsical saying like “Resting brunch face.” And don’t forget to take their phone away so they don’t waste their time posting pictures of their #ChampagneSunday.

3. Anything Millennial Pink. It’s the color of a generation — and for good reason. It makes everything look great: phone chargers, hair dye, dad hats, vintage pins. If your local Urban Outfitters is fresh out of anything that color, just waltz over to the nearest liquor aisle and buy a large bottle of rosé.

4. Gym membership. Don’t worry, this isn’t offensive at all. You’re simply telling your barre- and cycle-obsessed best friend to go to a traditional gym. If waiting in line for the elliptical is good enough for baby boomers, it should be good enough for those ungrateful millennials and their dad bods.

5. Cable subscription. Sure, they want to cut the cord, but think of all the late-night infomercials and endless sports channels they’re missing out on without cable. Pull out all the stops and purchase a package with the premium channels — just make sure they’re footing the bill when the limited-time, low-price sign-up contract expires.

6. House. This is one of the bigger-ticket items, but we know those rent-crazy 20-somethings won’t be buying any houses themselves. Don’t stress over an open-concept floorplan or rustic aesthetic. They’ll be relieved to have more than one bedroom and some counter space.

7. Lines. One thing young people can’t get enough of is standing in lines. They’ll do it for expensive shoes or the latest iPhone, so stick them in one of those post-Christmas customer service lines to return that tacky sweater your aunt gifted you, and you’ll both be happy in the end.

8. A meaningful relationship. Sure, they’re overworked, underpaid and sleep-deprived, but even millennials deserve that special someone they can kick back with and sip Two Buck Chuck. So hack their Tinders, infiltrate their Bumbles and slide into their DMs to hook them up with a cuddle buddy while the Louisiana weather is still cool.

Real things to gift millennials:

1. Chelsea boots. Starting at $30.

2. Keurig K15 coffee maker. $79.99.

3. Cinemark Movie Club membership. $8.99 per month.

4. Amazon Echo (2nd generation). $79.99.

5. "Everything is Awful: And Other Observations," by Matt Bellasai. $11.

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