Perry Anderson Snyder says, “Fall break found grandson Anderson in the surf at Orange Beach, Alabama.

“He and his parents had a grand time, despite being surrounded by Alabama and Auburn faithful.

“At the end of four days, the 5-year-old had had enough of the often loud Tide and War Eagle fans.

“‘Dad,’ he said to our son-in-law, ‘when can we leave here and go home to America?’

“They left the next morning for America, aka Louisiana.”

Creative reporting

Jim Levy, former publisher of the Bunkie Record, says our mention of typewriters “inspired me to dig up my Miracle Tab Remington Quiet-Rider portable, which helped me cover my first (and only) LSU football game for The Advocate in the fall of 1958.

“My strict instructions were to watch it from the press box and immediately afterwards interview the opposing coach, Blanton Collier of Kentucky.

“But Collier’s dressing room door was slammed shut.

“The Picayune’s Peter Finney, standing outside, reported that Collier was furious over LSU’s upset victory. We could hear him hollering.

“In desperation, I ran upstairs — and almost knocked over the legendary commissioner of baseball and ex-Kentucky governor, Happy Chandler.

“After I begged, he gave me great quotes. I ran back downstairs and interviewed Collier.

“Wife Lois, waiting in our 1955 Chevy, picked me up at the stadium elevator and took me to the office while I typed the story in the back seat.

“I caught hell when I got there with the two stories, and envisioned a future trapped on The Advocate makeup desk for life — but was forgiven.”

Seems like old times

  • Rick Marshall says, “You might be old Baton Rouge if you took your own pot to Muffoletto’s Hot Tamales for a couple of dozen with the juice (grease), and came home to put them on the stove to watch Bonanza with a cold Barq’s root beer.”
  • Kim “Pops” Seago, of Columbia, Tennessee, says, “You must be really OLD old Baton Rouge if you were born in the original Baton Rouge General Hospital, 900 Government St.”

The undefeated

Charles Young (Loyola 1964)has the “Loyola Football” T-shirt mentioned here, but says it reads “Undefeated since 1939” — not 1929:

“1939 was the last year Loyola played intercollegiate football.”

He’s right — LSU played Loyola in 1937, 1938 and 1939.

Chicken night

Jackie Carr adds to our “all you can eat” stories with mention of the White Kitchen Restaurants in Slidell and the junction of U.S. 90 and U.S. 190:

Owned by Onesime Faciane, A. E. Carr Jr. and their wives, they specialized in ‘all the fried chicken you can eat’ for $1 on Tuesdays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Jackie says, “The affordable fare included a generous portion of potato salad!

“Townspeople would gather in the late afternoon to secure a spot (the fire marshal would only allow a specific number of chicken eaters inside the restaurant at any given time).

“If it was Tuesday, it was chicken night at the Kitchen!”

What arrows?

Dickie Rembert, commenting on our “moving up” stories, says the gas pumps at the Sam’s Club at Cortana have signs and arrows telling drivers to move up to the next pump, “but most of the people who buy gas there don’t understand the arrows.

“I hope they are not bow hunters.”

Good Samaritans

Mary Johnson thanks “a very kind young lady and two of her friends for their help.

“I was in a drive-in slot at the Whitney bank on North Boulevard when I discovered my car’s battery was dead.

“The lady in the car behind me told me not to worry, returned to her job on Napoleon Street and returned with a couple of male friends.

“The men pushed my car into the open, where, with my cable and their battery, they got me started.”

Looking for stuff

Theatre Baton Rouge, for its production of “Lombardi” (Nov. 2-23), needs to borrow an “old school” leather football. Call Carole Cross at (225) 924-6496.

Special People Dept.

  • Ernestine “Ernie” Hood celebrates her 90th birthday on Friday, Oct. 17.
  • Jimmy and Germaine Pretlove, of Harahan, celebrate their 61st anniversary on Sunday, Oct. 19.

    Valerie and Gerald Medine, of Donaldsonville, celebrate their 55th anniversary on Friday, Oct. 17.

Safe haven

Loren Scott offers this advice as we approach the weekend:

“Do not ride in automobiles; they cause 20 percent of all fatal accidents.

“Do not stay at home; 17 percent of all accidents occur in the home.

“Do not walk on the street or sidewalk; 14 percent of all accidents occur to pedestrians.

“Do not travel by air, rail or water; 16 percent of all accidents occur on these.

“However, only 0.001 percent of all deaths occur during worship services. Hence the safest place you can be is in church.”

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