Each week The Advocate asks a different “quiz taker” for his or her current favorites in pop culture.

QUIZ TAKER: Chris Brooks, 32, chairman of the 2013 Baton Rouge Blues Festival, general manager/associate publisher of DIG Magazine

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: “Generationals (LSU grads, by the way), Django Reinhardt, Cut Copy, Baby Bee (Blues Fest artist plug), Grizzly Bear, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Robert Johnson.”

WHAT I’M READING: “Slowly but surely getting through ‘Team of Rivals — The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.’ DIG Magazine, of course. The New York Times.”

WHAT I’M WATCHING: “I’m also a 65-year-old trapped in a 32-year-old body when it comes to my television viewing. When I have the time I watch: ‘60 Minutes’ (can’t miss it), ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ (I record it), ‘The Daily Show.’ I started ‘The West Wing’ on Netflix and ‘Cities of the Underworld.’ I’m a big documentary buff. Any documentary regarding history, music, government or sports, I’m usually into it.”

WHERE I’M SURFING (ON THE INTERNET): “http://www.NYTimes.com, http://www.ESPN.com, http://www.IMDB.com, http://www.TED.com, http://www.Economist.com, http://www.Pandora.com, http://www.NPR.com, http://www.BatonRougeBluesFestival.org.”

WHAT’S YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? “Mr. Goodbars ... can’t ... stop ... eating ... Mr. Goodbars. If I’m at your house and they’re out, watch out.”


You seem pretty upbeat for a guy who loves the blues. What is the blues? “So this year, we did vignettes with Blues Festival artists, and Lavelle White said it best, ‘You can say I got the blues, but I’m going to lose it because this is not my life. You can make it what you want it to be. It can bring you up, if you let it.’ I couldn’t have said it better.”

EVENT INFORMATION: On Saturday the Baton Rouge Blues Festival will feature 10 free performances on two stages on North Street in downtown Baton Rouge. It runs from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and features prominent acts Robert Randolph and the Family Band and Bobby Rush. For more information, visit http://www.BatonRougeBluesFestival.org.



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