russian nutcracker 1

Uncle Drosselmeyer winds up the dancing doll in Moscow Ballet's 'Great Russian Nutcracker,' coming to LSU Nov. 15. 

Tickets are on sale for the Moscow Ballet’s 27th annual North American tour of the Great Russian Nutcracker coming to Baton Rouge. The performance is at 7 p.m. Nov. 15 in the LSU Union Theater.

Along with 36 dancers, the show features fanciful flying puppets created in South Africa, including the Dove of Peace, the Firebird and the new Peacock with a tail opening 8 feet across to reveal its vibrant colors.

Theatrical designer Valentin Fedorov, prodigy of the Bolshoi Theater’s acclaimed Valery Leventhal, created a 12-foot-tall dancing unicorn, elephant, bull and bear puppets.

Also in the show are European-style Toy Theatre and rod puppets, which were created in Prague, a city with centuries long history of puppetry. And from St. Petersburg, the birthplace of Russian ballet, comes Moscow Ballet’s period-perfect costumes and hand-painted sets created by Wes Anderson and concept designer Carl Sprague.

There's also a rose-shooting cannon and a Hurdy Gurdy man, with a dancing ballerina as an ornamental touch.

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